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How to Paint a Brick Wall and Concrete Wall

Professional House painter painting on brick wall, How to paint a brick wall and concrete wall

Concrete is a great foundation tool, and as such, most basements or exterior walls tend to have concrete wall or a brick wall. The only problem with this is:

Sometimes an old concrete or brick wall is a little depressing to look at.

Maybe you want to add a little paint on the walls (or painting over brick fireplace) to spruce up the room a little bit and make it more welcoming? No worries, we’re going to teach you exactly how to paint over brick walls and concrete walls.

STEP 1: Cleaning the Wall for Painting

You need to clean the wall of all dirt and dust before even thinking about painting over brick walls.

  • If your old brick wall is outdoors (an Exterior brick wall), clean with a hose or power washer if it’s really bad.
  • If indoors (Indoor Brick Walls or a brick fireplace), simply clean with soap and a scrub brush.
Step: 1 Cleaning the wall for painting
Step:2 Repairing the wall before painting

STEP 2: Repairing the Wall Before Painting

As with any home painting job, if the wall has any cracks or damages on it, you need to fix them before painting. To repair Concrete Wall cracks, you must:

  • Identify where the cracks are on the wall
  • Use a concrete patch paste to fill in the cracks; if on exterior a brick caulking/ masonry caulking will be more than suffice
  • Smooth over the area with a putty knife, trowel if on a flat surface; or simply use your finger if applying a masonry caulking on the exterior.

STEP 3: Sealing Concrete Walls

In a situation where you need to combat moisture (in Toronto), you always want to seal the wall. If you don’t, the moisture may get in and ruin the interior paint job. To seal the wall you must:

  • Lay a drop cloth/newspaper on the floor to combat spillage
  • Pour your sealer into a separate pail and apply to a roller (You can find a guide on how to use a paint roller here)
  • Allow to dry overnight.
Step:3 Sealing concrete walls
Step:4 Priming the concrete or Brick wall

STEP 4: Priming the Concrete or Brick Wall

We’re almost there! Once you have allowed the sealer to dry overnight, it’s time to prime the wall in preparation for the paint job.

  • Lay a drop cloth down again
  • Roll the primer paint onto the wall in a thin, even coat and let dry for 24 hours.
  • If you can see the wall through the primer after letting dry, apply another coat and let dry again.
  • If on an exterior, there are many good paints and primers in 1 that work well with brick walls/concrete walls – Behr and Benjamin Moore both have excellent products for this.
  • Roll the primer/ combined paint and primer onto the wall in a thin, even coat.
  • If on a brick wall, you can also spray it if in a controlled environment. Paint Spray Gun makes it easier to get inside the grout and hard to reach areas.
  • Be careful if you are outside though. Spray can travel up to 100s of feet if on a windy day and ruin all areas around it in the process!

 STEP 5: Painting the Brick or Concrete Wall

We finally get to paint the wall! By this point, you’ve definitely had enough time to pick out the proper color/feel that you were going for. When painting a wall, make sure to:

  • Lay down a drop cloth (Unless you still haven’t picked it up)
  • Make sure you’re using concrete paint, which can be found at any hardware store.
  • You can roll the paint on, use a paintbrush, or spray it on.
  • Apply the paint in several thin layers, being careful to not leave any paint brush strokes.
Step:5 Painting the brick or concrete wall

Finally, go over the entire surface with a concrete paint sealer and you are done!

And there you go, your concrete wall  have never looked so good (Click here to visit our painted Brick wall pictures)!

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