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If you’re the proud owner of a brick house but want to update your home’s exterior, you may be wondering what the best course of action is. Brick is a bit tricky compared to other surfaces like vinyl, aluminum, or stucco because you have more options. Over time, your exterior brick can wear just like any other exterior. Especially in Toronto, where we see distinct seasons. You may feel that your brick needs to be refreshed. We’re here to answer if brick staining or brick painting is the best option for your home. If you’re considering either of these services, this blog post is for you.

Toronto and Area Brick Homes

Both exterior brick methods have their advantages and disadvantages. If you’ve never painted your bricks before, you can opt for either method. In case you aren’t sure if your bricks have had work done to them previously, there’s a quick water splash test you can do to make sure. Whether the brick absorbs the water or not, it can be stained. And if the water does not absorb and beads down the wall, it cannot be stained. In that case, your only option would be brick painting services.

Brick Painting

Painting your bricks is not only a great way to protect them from the elements. It allows you to update and refresh your home. One of the most significant advantages of painting your bricks is that the protective barrier created by the paint protects them from weather and harmful bugs and helps prevent damage.

You also have endless options when it comes to painting colour. So you can really improve the look of your home and amp up its curb appeal. It can be an easier DIY job compared to brick staining as well. Since paint doesn’t soak into each brick, you’ll find that painting your bricks requires more maintenance than staining them. It’s recommended that you repaint every three to five years, depending on how they’ve held up. It’s important to note that once you’ve painted your bricks, you will be unable to stain them in the future.

Exterior Brick Staining and Painting by Home Painters Toronto

Brick Staining

Brick staining is a method that applies pigment directly onto the porous brick. It becomes a permanent fixture of your home. Staining acts as a dye where painting changes the colour. Staining is a bit better for the health of your brick because it allows for the surface to breathe, whereas, with painting, it becomes fully covered without allowing airflow. It also helps prevent water absorption, which increases the longevity of the colour and helps prevent cracking. You may think that there are only specific colours you can choose for brick staining. We offer plenty of colour options that won’t make you feel limited in any way. We also offer unique brick stains that match your original bricks.

Brick staining can last up to 15 years

So it’s more cost-effective than painting. Which may end up costing more in maintenance and having to repaint every few years. It’s not prone to chipping or flaking like paint is. The downside to brick staining is the sheer amount of time it takes. Painting is quite convenient and easy to apply, aside from challenging spots to reach. Brick staining takes many layers of stain, and you’ll have to do a top-notch cleaning job before starting. If there’s any damage before staining, it won’t adhere well to broken or decaying brick. Some brick types are better at absorbing stains than others. Suppose you’re looking to stain your exterior brick house in Toronto. In that case, we’ll always recommend hiring a professional based on the amount of time it takes to achieve the best look.

Exterior Brick Staining and Vinyl Window Painting by Home Painters Toronto

Both brick staining and brick painting allow you to change the color and appearance of the bricks in your home or other building. But they have different processes, costs, and effects on the bricks. Here’s a detailed comparison between brick staining and brick painting.

Brick Staining vs Brick Painting: A Comparison

Both brick staining and brick painting allow you to change the colour and appearance of the bricks in your home or other building. However, they have different processes, costs, and effects on the bricks. Here’s a detailed comparison between brick staining and brick painting.


Brick Staining:

Painted Brick by Home Painters Toronto
  • Staining provides a translucent finish, which allows the unique characteristics of the brick to shine through.
  • Brick staining gives a more natural, muted, and consistent brick stain colours than painting.
  • Since stain soaks into the brick, it doesn’t create a distinct layer on top, adding to its more natural look.

Brick Staining:

Stained Brick by Home Painters Toronto
  • Painting provides an opaque finish, which can hide the texture and natural variations of the brick.
  • It comes in a wider range of colours and finishes compared to staining.
  • The colour achieved with painting may be more vibrant than staining.

Durability and Maintenance

Brick Staining:

  • Staining usually lasts longer than paint; it penetrates the porous surface of the brick, minimizing chipping, peeling and fading.
  • Staining doesn’t require as much maintenance or frequent reapplication as painting.
  • Stain is resistant to UV rays and weather changes, contributing to its lasting appeal.

Brick Painting:

  • Paint forms a layer on the brick surface, making it more susceptible to peeling, chipping and cracking over time.
  • Painted bricks require more frequent maintenance and reapplication, which increases overall costs and effort over time.
  • Extreme weather and direct sunlight can cause the paint to fade, crack or peel, requiring regular touch-ups and potential repainting.


Brick Staining:

  • Brick stain is more breathable, meaning it allows the underlying brick to release moisture and is less likely to contribute to brick decay.

Brick Painting:

  •  Brick paint can seal moisture in, which can damage brick over time.

Brick staining vs painting Cost

Brick Staining:

Staining can be slightly more expensive than painting, depending on the type of stain and application method. However, since it requires less maintenance and lasts longer, its overall cost may be lower in the long run.

Brick Painting:

While initial costs may be lower for painting, the frequency of maintenance and repainting can make this option more costly over time.

The Best Option For You

Once you know the difference between these two brick options, that might help you make a more informed choice for your home. 

Supposing you want a preventive measure that is more convenient right now, painting is your best option. 

If you want a solution that may cost more upfront but lasts around three times as long without much maintenance while maintaining the integrity of your bricks, STAINING IS THE BEST OPTION.

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