Oil-based paint vs Latex and water-based paint

why use oil based paint, what is latex and water-based paint

oil-based  vs Latex

what is latex based paint? where do you use latex based paint, exterior vinyl window frame painted greenChoosing the right paint type for painting your home can be an interesting challenge if you’re not experienced. Because there are many options, like oil-based paint, latex paint, and water-based paints. In Ontario, some manufacturers have banned the production of oil-based paint.  If you live in Ontario and you go to pick up some paint, you’re likely going to get a latex or water-based paint from your local store.

While there’s nothing wrong with latex or water-based paint, sometimes is oil-based paint is the better choice for the job

Why Oil-Based Paint?

Here are some of the advantages of using paint with an oil-base:

  1. This type of paint dries much slower, which can result in a much smoother finish and have an extra bit of glossiness.
  2. The paint dries with a hard enamel finish that is more durable and resistant to scratches and staining than other paints.
  3. If your home currently has oil-based on the walls. It is best to continue using that paint because it is the best paint to adhere to that base. It is important to note that it is probably used in high traffic areas and doors and frames.
  4. Oil-based paints offer unrivaled one-coat stowing away and better grip to troublesome surfaces.
  5. Subjectively, some people prefer the look and finish of oil-based vs latex and water-based paints. It can have a smoother, solid look with a lot more depth than its counterparts.
  6. Oil-based paint is entirely sturdy and more impervious to low temperatures than latex.

When Should I Use Oil Based Paint vs. Latex or Water-Based Paint

Where are the places you should look to use this type of paint? Well, honestly you can use it in any space you like if you are willing to put in the extra working for this type of paint job.

Here are some of the most common places:
  1. Interior and exterior trim
  2. High-humidity rooms such as the kitchen or the bathroom
  3. Doors
  4. Cabinetry
  5. When using a faux finish, paint with an oil base takes longer to dry giving you more time to play with the faux and make it more to your liking.
  6. Anywhere that you would like to have a richer or full gloss finish paint.

How to Use Oil Based Paint

master bedroom painted with water based paint, taupe interior walls with wood trim painted white

The techniques you use for this type of paint are a bit different than latex or water-based paint. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Use a high-quality paintbrush that is made specifically for this type of paint.
  • It is probably very difficult to find if you are buying this paint in Ontario.
  • Oil paints take significantly longer to dry during the painting process, so expect to spend more time doing this job. You will require at least 24 to 48 hours to dry between coats, and make sure your space is well-ventilated. You may get lucky and be able to finish a job like this on a weekend.
  • If your paint applies opaque, and you only need two coats, but it’s best to do a project like this on a long weekend or when you have some time off, especially if you’re painting your bedroom.
  • Various paints require an alternate brush. There are a few brushes that work with both latex and oil, yet regular fiber brushes work much better with oil-based paints. It’s critical to pick the correct paintbrush. They will ordinarily say “For Oil-based Paints” on the brush holder.
  • In case you’re painting with oil-based paint, the tidy up is more included. Oil-based paint is basically impenetrable to water, so you’ll need to utilize acetone or mineral spirits to clean your brushes.
  • Before your final coat, sand any imperfections on the wall to minimize the look of any blemishes from the final product.

Oil paints take a little more TLC, but your paint job will be high quality, and ultimately stunning.

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