Have you found yourself taking on an interior painting project and unsure what the best interior house paint is? That’s the thing with home interior painting — if you don’t use the best interior paint, it can be all for nothing! Which is exactly what you want to avoid. So, let’s dig right into some of expert recommended highest rated interior paints on the market!

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Latex vs oil based paint? 

A lot of people pause when thinking about the best interior house paint as they try to decide, latex vs oil based paint? In 2020, latex or water based paints dominate a lot of the market. First of all, they’re better for the environment as you can find low VOC or even zero VOC paint options in latex interior house paint. It also dries super fast, so it’s good for spaces where you want to get two coats of paint done quickly.

In terms of latex vs oil based paint, oil based paint can be a good option for doors and trims. Since they’re a high wear and tear area, oil based paint is super durable and scratch resistant. However, for interior painting and the best interior house paint, it’s best to go with a latex paint. After all, they don’t yellow over time, they dry quickly and have lower VOCs which results in a low odour (which is also healthier for your family too). Latex paints are easier to clean with just use soap and water.

Best rated interior house paint according to professional interior painters

• First, you always want to be sure that you’re using a really good primer prior to doing interior painting. Benjamin Moore’s Fresh Start Primer is a great choice for home interior painting. It has low VOC and is fast drying. Plus, you can’t beat the smooth application!

• In terms of the best interior house paint, Regal Select Interior Paint is top notch. It’s actually a 2-in-1 primer and interior paint. Also, it’s splatter resistant and goes on really smooth. It also dries super fast and leaves no brush strokes behind!

• If you’re looking for an interior latex paint that works well for both painting walls and woodwork, Ultra Spec Scuff-X is another good choice. It’s a single component interior paint which possesses a “proprietary scuff resistance formula”.

Behr’s Ultra Scuff Defense Interior Paint is another solid choice for interior house paint. Again, it’s a paint and primer in one. Plus, it goes on super velvety and also protects against stains and marks.

• If you’re looking for a good paint that will do well on your kitchen or bathroom walls, Benjamin Moore Kitchen & Bath Paint is one to check out. Of course, kitchens and bathrooms are high moisture areas, so this interior house paint performs well against humidity.

And if you’re on the hunt for a supreme low odour paint, Behr’s Premium Plus Low Odour Paint & Primer is a good choice. The Semi Gloss works well in kitchen and bathrooms as well as on cabinetry, trims and doors.

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Best interior house paint for trims, doors and cabinetry

When you’re thinking of the best paint for interiors, you have to think a bit differently when it comes to trims, doors and cabinetry. The thing with these areas is that the best interior paints on your trims and doors have to hold up to lots of traffic and wear and tear. Here are a few of our top picks:

• Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec SCUFF-X In PearlThis is a high performance interior latex paint that’s specially made for the toughest and most high-traffic areas. This paint can be used as trim paint, on interior doors and even for painting kitchen cabinets.

Also, be sure to check out INSL-X Primers by Benjamin Moore on your trim and interior doors prior to painting. It’s a fast drying sealer that works to protect against the toughest stains. It can also adds a nice gloss finish.

• Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel works well on giving trims and doors a smooth and luxurious finish. It works to resist yellowing and possesses a strong durable finish.

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