Top 5 Reasons to use Latex paint in 2020

What is Latex paint

Latex paints also called acrylic paints. Made from a water-soluble base and frequently used for painting. eg: houses, wood, concrete, the interior of a house.

Why Latex paint is better than other paint?

Latex paints give better long haul adaptability, that is, protection from breaking and chipping. It will, in general, oppose yellowing with age in regions shielded from daylight. Unlike oil-based paint, it takes a shorter amount of time to get dry.  It can take a couple of hours or less to be completely dry. Latex paint is water-based, you can clean it with warm water and soap. This is the biggest advantage of using this paint. In addition, this paint is less of an odor than other paints like an oil-based paint. Also, this paint is ~40% less expensive than any other oil-based paint in the market. In addition, this paint is environmentally friendly.

What latex paint contain?

The composition of latex paint incorporates a blend of water and acrylic polymer. Since it contains water, it is less inclined to take care of the mold. A primer isn’t essential with latex paint.

Types of latex paint

  1. Vinyl-Acrylic
  2. 100% Acrylic
  3. Alkyd-modified latex

Vinyl-Acrylic is the cheapest Latex paint and generally used on the interior wall of a home.

100% Acrylic paints are major performance with retaining color with great durability.

Alkyd-modifies latex is best suitable for the exterior of a home because of Fede less and less toxic behavior.

benefits of using latex paint

Choosing between Latex paint and oil-based paint is crucial and difficult. However, Latex paint covers about 75% of the market space, with 25% with oil-based paint. There are many benefits to this paint that makes it a good choice to use.

  1. Easy to apply and use
  2. This paint dries faster
  3. Easy to clean up since it is water-based
  4. Less VOC (“Volatile Organic Compounds”) ~ VOC are gases generated from Paint
  5. Non-flammable
  6. Less cracking and peeling.

Places where to use Latex paintPlaces to use latex paint

  1. Kitchen walls
  • Water-based paint is frequently used in kitchen walls because it gives in many interesting options in color as well as durability. Since kitchens are such a bustling piece of a home and regularly need additional cleaning, a glossy silk or semi-gleam finish is the best choice.
  1. Bathroom walls
  • As a result of washrooms’ wetness, the requirement for wipe-capacity is much higher than in the kitchen. Painting on the bathroom walls is slightly harder and tougher due to moist than other interior paints in the home.
  1. Trim, Cabinets, Windows, and Doors
  • Despite the fact that inside trim doesn’t cover a lot of room contrasted with walls or roofs, it’s a little thing that truly points out enormous itself.
  • The painting cabinet can change the appearance of the whole room without interrupting the budget. It will allow you to refresh space with trending colors.
  • The front door of your home is the first impression on guests or visitors. Water-based is the best choice while choosing color paint for the door or windows of the house because of the adaptability and richness of color.
  1. Concrete
  • You can find concrete on the floor of the garage or basement, another concrete walkway through your home. If they are looking not great, dull, and untidy consider them for a brand new fresh look and paint with this paint.
  1. Wood
  • An organic compound is a term to define wood, and it tries to soak up any paint that you apply, which will affect the quality of your finished product. Wood is usually in the furniture of the home. The advantage of using water-based latex paint is that it never gets really hard and easily wipe down with water.
  • While painting wood is extra cautious because it will raise gain for wood.

Latex Paint

If you don’t know what type of paint is on your original surface, or you are looking for a high-quality, solid, durable finish you may want to consider water-based paint. It is a little bit more work to apply and you will get a high-quality paint job that is noticeable to the eye.

Not sure what paint to use?

Don’t want the extra work or to be in contact with the fumes caused by oil paint?

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