What’s the best way to improve the look of your home? Painting! With a new paint job, your home can go from looking neutral to brand new. Although knowing what paint colour to choose is important, knowing what type of paint to use is just as important, if not more. Latex based paints work very well and are fairly easy to clean up, compared to oil based paint. Latex paints are called “latex” because they had a rubber base, but not anymore. Now, latex based paints use a water soluble base and vinyl/acrylics. This means that they clean up easier with water and soap. For exterior jobs, latex based paints can do the trick because they are durable and versatile. 

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Comparing Latex vs oil based paint 

Oil based paint is a very durable paint base. While it isn’t as durable, latex paint is a lot easier to work with because it dries quicker than oil based paint. Also, latex is good for painting projects like walls and ceilings, while oil is good for wood based projects. When working on unfinished walls, applying a coat of primer before painting will help you significantly. If you plan to use latex paint, use a latex-based primer. Oppositely, if you use oil, use an oil-based primer.

Oil based paints 

VOCs are becoming stricter due to government regulations, and the main reason why paint use is decreasing. When paint cans are labelled as “low VOC,” it is because they contain fewer than 50 grams per liter of volatile compounds. In its totality, “low VOC paint” means it is lower in comparison to other paints. In addition, low VOC paints are usually latex-based and is something professional painters would suggest you use. 

Disadvantages of oil based paints 

When considering choices, there are advantages and disadvantages that can make your decision a little more easier to handle. The disadvantages for oil based paint would be that it has a very strong odour, compared to a water based paint. This essentially means that it will take longer to dry. It is also harder to clean. Taking longer to dry means that you need absolute care in your cleaning. The work is already messy, so try to use extra precaution. Make sure that there is no contact with the wet surfaces. As time passes, the paint will start to harden, causing splitting to occur. If the wood shrinks, splitting almost always happens. If you want a flawless finish on your surfaces, use a  pure bristle brush.

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Different types of latex paints 

There are three types of latex based paints: alkyd-modified, vinyl-acrylic and 100 percent acrylic. Alkyd-modified latex paints work very well with exterior jobs and especially for siding that have peeled, chalked, and flaked. Vinyl-acrylic is perfect for interior walls and is highly inexpensive. For high performance paint jobs, interior painting services would suggest you use 100 percent acrylic because it is great with adhesion and retains colour well. Something to consider: do not use latex paint on wood or steel because the steel will rust and subsequently, will raise the grain on the wood. 

Benefits of Latex Based paints

  • Suitable for DIY painters as well as professional painters
  • Smooth application (not very difficult for a beginner to master)
  • Dries quickly
  • Cleans up easy with water and soap
  • Non-flammable
  • Resists mildew well
  • Fades less on exterior painting work
  • Contains few VOCs (less toxic)
  • Small amount of odour (unlike oil based paint)
  • Comes in a variety of paint finishes

Disadvantages of latex based paints 

  • When it comes to glossy walls or other surfaces, latex paint might not adhere as well
  • Requires above freezing temperature storage
  • Chips faster than oil based paint
  • Needs 30 days before you wash it

Exterior paint jobs 

Technology is advancing daily, meaning so has paint. There are various latex paints that are durable enough to use for exterior work. Although that is the case, sometimes you might want to consider using oil based paint on heavily touched areas. This includes doors, trim, porch floors and wrought iron. These areas see a lot of wear and tear, so the increased durability of oil based paints is useful. In addition, it is highly recommended not to paint oil based on top of latex paint. Avoiding this dilemma will allow for a smooth  surface. In its entirety, in today’s trend, using latex based paints is great because it dries quickly and allows for a smooth application. Not to mention that it is less toxic (contains less VOCs) than oil based paint.

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