Peeling paint off from the walls may look unattractive and dull. It can be outside of the building or interior of the house or building. In both form peeling paint significantly makes the look of the entire building unappealing.

If peeling paint happens inside the house then it can even reason medical problems for the inhabitants. Falling paint chips can be hurtful in the event that they land in your eyes, and taking in paint residue can disturb your lungs. This can be a serious problem and may affect health drastically.

peels paint of wall

Usually, paint can start to peel immediately after applying to the wall or after some years. It depends on the situation of the wall before and also depends on the contractor.

Here are Top #5 Reasons why Fresh paint peels off walls

  1. Water
  2. Poor surface preparation / Dirty surface
  3. High Humidity
  4. Corrosive Substance
  5. Apply paint which is not suitable to surface

REASON #1 – Water

Water cause damage to a freshly painted wall when the surface exposed to a lot of water. In detail, when water enters through the coats of paint it will detach it from the surface. That’s the reason why cracking and peeling happens.

Sometimes water can be leaking from roof or gutter. This must be prevented in the initial stage. Because this can be a serious problem not only for paint but your health as well.

REASON #2 –  Poor surface Prep / Dirty Surface

Before starting to paint the wall, make sure the surface on which paint will be applied is cleaned properly. If the paint applied on an uneven surface it will start peeling off quickly.

The paint does not bind the dirty surface. Dirt, oil, and other agents prevent the surface from paint on wooden, metallic, and even concrete. If the paint is applied on the surface which is extremely dirty then it will result in crake and peeling immediately after applying it.

There is dirt on the clean looking wall. So make sure to wipe down the surface before applying a fresh coat of paint.

Reason #3 – High Humidity

When your walls are in direct contact with a highly humid environment or excessive condensation. These are the two biggest reasons for peels off paint from walls.

In poorly ventilated buildings moisture doesn’t go away quickly. As a result, moisture will stick to the walls and it leads to bulging of the coatings.

On the other hand, condensation leads to dampness. Whenever walls come in an environment which can grow mold and mildew. This usually happens after rain.

 Reason #4 – Corrosive Substance

There are numerous substances that can erode a painted surface.

In the event that a destructive substance comes into contact with a painted surface, it makes the coat rankle, break, lastly strip off.

Destructive substances for the most part contain a solid corrosive or base. This is the reason you ought not to perfect the dividers of your home with dye or another exceptionally acidic item—make a point to weakening it so it doesn’t demolish the paint.

Reason #5 – Applying paint which is not suitable to surface

Like other chemicals, paint are expired at certain times. So, before purchasing paint or applying it on the wall make sure you have correct paint.

On top of that, there are many types of different paints available on the market. So, how to choose correct paint? is the biggest question when you start your painting by yourself.

You should know basic of paint like Difference between Oil-based and Latex paint. It will helpful for you to decide which paint goes on which type of walls.

We know Top #5 Reasons for how Peeling fresh paint off occurs. NOW, It’s time to prevent your walls at home.

#3 Steps to Prevent Peeling Fresh Paint off

Here we are discussing 3 steps to prevent/stop peeling fresh paint off. Which is more helpful before start painting.

Step #1 – Get Rid of Peeling

Before you begin to paint its a great idea to check any leaky roof or any plumbing work. Because these reasons cause more peeling of paint. So check out surroundings and situations.

After this, you may adjust drop cloth on the floor and wear all personal protective equipment. Gear up with goggles and a face mask. The reason for this is because tiny flakes of paint are sure to go flying.

Then—using a paint scraper, wire brush, or putty knife—carefully remove all the chipped or peeling paint from the walls and ceiling.

Step #2 – Preparation of surface

Utilizing a clay blade, apply brisk setting fixing compound in a flimsy, even layer to fill any splits or openings. Let dry completely, rehash on the off chance that essential, and afterward permit to dry for the time being.

Next, sand the territory until it’s smooth and mixes in with the remainder of the divider. Utilize fine coarseness sandpaper or for simple cleanup, a shop vac with a sander connection. Feel with your fingers for any edges or lopsided spots you may have missed.

At last, clean the region with a moist wipe, wipe again with dry material, and let dry totally. (Keep in mind: You don’t need any waiting dampness when you start to prime and paint.)

Step #3 – Repaint Patches

When the preliminary is dry, you’re prepared to repaint.

On the off chance that you have enough paint leftover from the first employment, extraordinary; if not, check whether you can buy an example can.

Utilize a fiber or wipe brush (or a roller for enormous zones), beginning inside the fixed regions and feathering outward. Decide in favor of closefisted. You never need to glop the paint on, and that is particularly significant with repair work.

Let dry, and hold up 24 hours before utilizing the shower in this washroom.

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