How to Prepare Your Walls for an Interior Painting Job

This how-to article allows you to prepare your walls for an interior painting job

How to Prepare Your Walls for an Interior Painting Job

If you feel like the inside of your home is looking a little dull, you may want to get an interior painting job done. However, interior painting will only be effective if you prepare your wall beforehand.

To achieve the best results for your interior house painting, just follow our tips below.

 1. Clean Your Walls

The first thing you need to do is get rid of any dirt or residue on the wall. Just for general cleaning, you can wipe down the walls and use a vacuum cleaner. If there is any residue, you can remove them using a solution of detergent and water. If there is any mould, an anti-mould solution can be used.

In case you have wallpapers, you will have to remove them first. Then you need to clean up any residue left behind by it. Do not paint over wallpapers because it would cause uneven layers and paint that will easily come off.

Cleaning your walls

2. Remove Hardware

After cleaning your walls, you need to remove everything that may be an obstacle to painting. It is important to remove everything on the walls and some items on the floor: paintings, electrical sockets, nails, light fixtures, and more.

These can make it difficult to paint the walls or you can get paint on them.

3. Remove Old Paint

If there is cracking or flaking paint from old paint jobs, make sure to remove them. If you do not, your new paint may not stick well in even layers.

To remove this old paint, you can use a paint scraper to take them off and sandpaper to smooth out the surface. Since walls are a big area, you can try using a sanding block to make it easier, or an electric sander.

4. Repair Your Wall

Make sure to inspect your walls for any cracks or damaged plaster. Before painting on the walls, you must ensure that everything is repaired.

Otherwise, you may end up with paint that will come off easily, or the wall damage will show through.

5. Lay Out Protection

Cover your floors and walls you want untouched with a drop sheet. Make sure to tape these sheets down so that they stay in place.

Aside from this, you will need to apply painter’s tape around doors, window frames, and more.

You will also need to remove all the furniture in the room. If there is some furniture that for some reason cannot be removed, cover them up with drop sheets and move them towards the center of the room if they can be moved.

protecting layout
priming your walls

6. Prime Your Walls

Priming your walls is very important to make sure the paint turns out great on the walls. Without primer, the colour may not turn out the same and the layers will come out uneven.

See to it that you apply to right kind of primer for the type of paint you will be using.

7. Use a Stain-blocking Primer

Some stains, such as those by permanent markers, cannot be removed no matter what you do. Adding a stain-blocking primer will ensure that the stain does not show through the paint.

Although you may be excited to get your walls painted, make sure the right steps are taken in preparation. While most professionals will already know how to do so, it is best that you are aware of what steps are needed to be done, too.

This will help you ensure that you and your walls are fully prepared.

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