How to Re-Texture Your Ceiling if There is Damage

Are you looking for an easy solution to repair or re-texture your ceiling that is damaged. It happens. Sometimes your ceiling will get a water stain, a smoke stain,or a crack. When that happens, it is important to repair and re-texture your ceiling.

re-texture your ceiling

If you have a textured ceiling and you need to make repairs, the easiest solution is to re-texture the portion of your ceiling you repaired, rather than apply a flat ceiling.

Step 1

Assess The Damage Before you Re-Texture Your Ceiling

This could very well be the most important step in the entire process. You might be tempted to just paint over the problem area or do a simple repair, and if so, think twice.  If you do not assess why your ceiling is damaged and make any necessary repairs, the problem could keep coming back. Maybe you have a leaky pipe? Maybe there is condensation that is causing a water stain. Or, maybe there is a leak in the roof. If your ceiling has a water stain, touch the stain. If it is dry throughout the day and week, then chances are it does not need a repair. However, if it is wet at any time during the day, then it is best you figure out the source of the water before you move forward.

Step 2

Fix The Damage Before you Re-Texture Your Ceiling

Once you have found what caused damage to your ceiling in the first place, it’s time to fix it.

Fixing the damage could be as easy as scraping off the damaged or crack ceiling texture, priming, and applying new texture. Or it could be as complicated as cutting into the ceiling to repair a leaking pipe. It may even involve getting on your roof to repair a crack or a leak.

This may be where you call in a professional handyman. Did you know at Home Painters Toronto we do more than just painting? Give us a call to help assess and fix ceiling damage.

Step 3

Decide On The Re-Texture Method

You can either spray on the ceiling texture or roll it on. There really isn’t a definitive answer as to which method is better and many professionals have a personal choice. Spraying on ceiling texture is quicker and is a great choice for larger areas. If you are spraying a large area, there may still be corners, or areas where you will need to brush or roll on the texture. Some find it easier to roll on ceiling texture because it can provide a more consistent texture. Whichever method you choose, be sure you have the right supplies.

If applying ceiling texture with a roller you will need a loop roller that has a more fibrous nap.

Step 4

Protect Your Room & Yourself

Applying texture to a ceiling is a messy job. Lay a drop cloth on the ground and cover anything in the room you wouldn’t want paint to accidentally land on. You also need to protect yourself. Make sure you are wearing protective glasses and a mask.

Step 5

Apply the Ceiling Texture

Whether you are using a roller or a spray, when it is time to apply the texture to the ceiling it is important you apply consistent light coats. Always work in one direction when spraying or rolling. Do not apply with back and forth strokes. Build up the ceiling texture so it is not lumpy or chunky. Let the texture dry between coats. Work swiftly but carefully. If you are simply patching a spot, you may need to repaint over the texture so the ceiling is all the same colour.

If it’s time to re-texture your ceiling you may want to make your first step be a call to the professionals. It’s the best way to assess the situation and fix the damage. The last thing you want to do is spend all this time re-texturing an area only to have the problem reappear. Call the professional crew at Home Painters Toronto. Not only do we provide excellent painting services, we also have professional construction workers on our staff. They will assess what caused the damage and the right way to fix it. Give us a call, we’d love to help.

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