Painting ceilings can always be a bit tricky. Particularly, painting bathroom ceilings tends to be the part that intimidates a lot of people. Perhaps because you tend to deal with a lot of peeling ceiling paint issues prior to painting. The good news is that there are efficient ways for painting ceilings — bathrooms and otherwise. We’re here to help guide you through all the details on ceiling paint!

Bathroom Ceiling Paint

For ceiling paint for the bathroom, you should purchase a satin or eggshell sheen. This is because this will help shield any watermarks. A lot of people believe that the higher the sheen, the more washable it is, but this is not always the case.

Semi-gloss is way too shiny for a bathroom ceiling. This is because the sheen is too high, which will make it easier for everyone to notice the imperfections. You should typically not use anything higher than an eggshell or satin. Try to purchase high-quality paint because it’s more durable and can withhold any imperfections.

Paint for Kitchen Ceiling and Cabinetry

For kitchen ceilings, professional painters will advise you to get satin or semi-gloss paint because they are both easier to wipe down. As far as kitchen cabinetry, if they are in good condition, they can be painted to suit your aesthetic and style. You should typically use a semi-gloss sheen for kitchen cabinets, like the ADVANCE Interior Paint- Semi Gloss from Benjamin Moore.

A painting company that is tackling the job should scrub and lightly sand the cabinets. Then, apply a primer and finish with enamel paint for best results. To check out the full kitchen cabinet painting process, check out this blog here.

Ceiling Paint For Hallways, Living Room & Bedrooms

In high-traffic areas like hallways, you will need paint that has a satin finish. This is because they resist dreaded marks left by bumps and rubs when people move across the hall. If you use a flat finish, for example, you would clearly see all the fingerprints.

Satin paint is a better option because it stays cleaner as the dirt does not grip to the slick surface as much a flat finish would. For a living room or bedroom, you should use a satin or eggshell finish because it would be a flattering look. Lastly, for a bedroom door, you should want to use a semi-gloss paint. This is because it will withstand the constant dirt on the handles and it is washable.

Invest in Semi-Gloss Paint

When you are showering or taking a hot bath, your windows will get foggy because of the humidity. This humidity can lead to chipping and peeling on your wall and bathroom ceiling. How do we fix that problem?

You would need to invest in semi gloss paint. Semi gloss paint is a perfect choice because it is washable, durable, and mildew resistant. In addition, ceilings produce mold and mildew because the average person is not cleaning their ceilings every day (it’s pretty high). By using semi gloss paint, it will protect your bathroom ceiling from mildew, while being durable as well.

Latex Vs. Oil Based Paint

The right type of paint for a bathroom would be water-based latex paint. Although oil paint is more durable, you need to clean it with mineral spirits and that causes VOCs (volatile organic compounds) to develop.

In addition, oil paint can develop yellow, especially in dark rooms. Latex paint is better suited for bathrooms because it doesn’t allow water to penetrate and that’s important when showering or using the sink.

Also, you can scrub away stains easier using latex paint than you would with an oil-based paint. In its totality, latex paint is not only easier to use, but dries quicker and those are two things people love to hear.

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