Just like you don’t want to have to look at streaky paint jobs, if you have laminate flooring in your home, here are some tips to keep it clean and streak free.

If you take excellent care of your flooring, it will last long and look its best.

General Laminate Flooring Cleaning Tips

Choosing The Right Mop

The mop you choose to clean your laminate flooring with can help or hinder your cleaning efforts. We recommend a microfiber mop that is on a swivel. You’ll be able to get to hard to reach areas, and microfiber does not require a lot of water. This is a good thing as if you expose your laminate flooring to too much water, it might warp.

clean laminate flooring

Other types of mops including sponge mops and string mops can leave behind streaks. They also require more water to do the job right, which isn’t good for your laminate floors.

Choose The Right Cleaning Solution

You can use a store-bought cleaning solution made specifically for laminate flooring. You can also just use a little bit of water with a microfiber mop. Or, you can try making your own cleaning solution. To make your own, mix three parts water to one part vinegar. You can add in a squirt of liquid dish soap or essential oil to help combat the vinegar smell. Put it in a spray bottle and then lightly spray your floor as you mop.

Remember, you do not want to use too much water on your laminate floors.

Get Rid of Stubborn Stains on Your Laminate Flooring? Here’s How to Clean It Right

Accidents happen. Here are some common cleaning tips to help you keep your floors in excellent shape.

Gum – if gum gets stuck on your floor you should use a plastic knife to get under the gum and gently lift. You want to avoid using metal and do your best to not scratch the floor. If some stickiness was left behind, dampen a cloth with mineral water and scrub.

Crayon – Did the kids accidentally colour on your floors with crayon? Dampen a cloth with mineral water and scrub.

Grease – If you have laminate flooring in your kitchen or dining room, it’s inevitable that a little grease might land on the floor. Use an ice pack to freeze the grease. Once it hardens you can scrape it off with a plastic knife. You can remove any residual residue with a squirt of window cleaner and a damp cloth.

Ink – A little dish detergent can help remove ink from your floors.

Nail Polish – Guess what? Nail polish remover is what you’ll want to use to remove nail polish from your floors. Rinse with a damp cloth once done.

Scuffs – You can try using an eraser to scrub away scuffs and heel marks on your floor.

Paint – If the paint spill is small, you can try wiping it up with a damp rag immediately. Otherwise, you’ll need to assess the situation to keep the paint from staining your flooring.

Latex or water based paint can usually be cleaned up with warm water and soap. To clean up oil based paint you may need to use mineral spirits or paint thinner.

flooring laminate

For a big paint spill, you can try and make the liquid a solid by pouring a lot of cat litter or salt into the paint. Once it has absorbed the paint, you can scrape it up with a plastic spoon and knife.

What Not To Use When Cleaning Laminate Flooring

Too much liquid – too much water can cause your laminate flooring to warp.

Steam cleaners or wet mops – again, too much moisture and water can cause your laminate flooring to warp.

Cleaning solution designed to add shine – these types of solutions are not meant for laminate flooring and could cause your floor to get too slippery and can cause a waxy build-up.

Scouring powder  – it can scratch your floor

Steel wool – it can scratch your floor

Taking care while cleaning your laminate flooring is the best way to ensure your flooring lasts for years to come. Flooring is a big investment so utilizing proper cleaning products, tools and techniques is worth it to keep your floor looking its best.

Need advice on cleaning or installing laminate flooring? Home Painters Toronto also provides handyman services and can help you with all your flooring needs. Give us a call. We’d love to chat with you about your flooring options.

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