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How to Paint a Bedroom Cleanly – Toronto Painters

Bedroom Painting may be the cheapest way to refresh Toronto Home Interior, but it isn’t the easiest thing to decide on

How to Paint a Bedroom Cleanly by Home Painters Toronto

It’s time to redo a bedroom painting job! However, you’re worried that you may accidentally drip paint on the windows, bedroom ceiling, floor, etc. It can and will happen if you aren’t too careful with your Interior bedroom painting job. Well today, we’re going to teach you how to paint a bedroom neatly and cleanly.

STEP 1: Prepare your Bedroom for Painting

First things first, let’s empty the room of all things that you don’t want to get paint on during the Interior bedroom painting project. If you want to see specific details, we made a video about How to Prepare your room for Interior painting

1. Remove all bedroom wall decorations, electronics, plants, etc. from the room.

2. Remove all light switch and outlet plates, cover with plastic and painter’s tape.

3. Cover all window ledges, door frames, etc. with painter’s tape.

4. Move anything that can’t be removed to the center of the room and cover the floor and furniture with drop cloths/plastic coverings.

5. Fix all nail holes, small dents, hairline cracks in the bedroom wall with plaster, spackle, or Polyfilla.

6. Clean the bedroom walls/surfaces to be painted with a simple solution of dish soap and water.

Prepare your Bedroom for Painting by home painters toronto

STEP 2: Personal Prep for Painting your Bedroom

Now we want to prevent any spilling when you paint a bedroom wall, right? Well you also don’t want paint to get spilled on you! Here’s what you should do to prepare yourself for a paint job:

• Tie up all hair so that it is out of the way of your face/anywhere it could get paint in it.

• Wear safety glasses if you want to paint ceilings or use oil/alkyd paint. Paint in your eyes is never a good thing

• Wear rubber gloves and a painters’ apron to prevent any spills to your clothes. If no painters’ apron is available, wear old clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

• Keep a rag close by in order to wipe off any spills as soon as they happen.

STEP 3: Paint the Bedroom Walls

All right, enough bedroom painting prep, let’s paint!

1. Mix your paint with a power drill or with a stir stick

2. Never carry a full paint can. Always put paint into an empty can or smaller can to prevent big spills

3. Using a paint edging tool, cover all of the edges once you’ve done everything else.

4. Paint from top to bottom in three-foot sections while leaving space around the edges (cover edges last). See our How to paint a room blog and video for details.

5. Use long strokes, refilling the paint roller as needed. If you need help with using a paint roller, we have written a tutorial and video on how to use a Paint Roller.

6. Allow the painted walls to dry and check your work. Re-apply as many coats as needed.

7. Remove all painter’s tape once fully completed.

8. Remove all drop cloths and garbage. Reinstall bedroom wall fixtures and decorations.

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