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It’s time to redo a bedroom painting job! However, you’re worried that you may accidentally drip paint on the windows, bedroom ceiling, floor, etc. It can and will happen if you aren’t too careful with your Interior bedroom painting job. Well today, we’re going to teach you how to paint a bedroom neatly and cleanly.

But before we start, we want to stress the importance of cleaning and preparing your bedroom for painting. This is important for several reasons: One, it will prevent you from accidentally dripping paint on other parts of the house Two, it will make sure that your bedroom is ready for paint. Three, it will ensure that your paint job lasts longer than expected. Now let’s get started on how to wash walls before painting.

How to Clean Walls Without Removing Paint?

“Cleaning the walls can be a delicate process, and what you use is dependent on what the wall treatment can hold up to and resist,”

How to Clean Bedroom Walls

Cleaning bedroom walls is often a chore if you have young children. Pictures, paintings, and other fixtures are often hung on the bedroom wall to showcase our memories. The art may spill onto the wall, and you may have to clean it. How do you clean a bedroom wall? What is the best thing to wash walls with?

Use cleaning tools such as paper towels, sponges, and magic erasers with soap and water to this is best way to clean painted walls.

Whether you use soap and water or the magic eraser, we want to make sure you’re cleaning the drywall properly. Especially if there’s a paint finish, cleaning the drywall should be handled delicately.

First, we do not ever want to be forceful when cleaning drywall. Trying to scratch out scuff marks could peel off the paint on the drywall.

When trying to clean scuff marks, we recommend that you go back and forth as many times as possible, utilizing the damp areas in the paper towel/magic eraser.

Punching, scraping, or being forceful on the drywall could quickly clean into long-term damage. Be gentle on the drywall and let the soap and Magic Erasers do the work.

Second, clean up the mess with a dry paper towel once you’ve finished cleaning the drywall. A wet paper towel, sponge, or Magic Eraser may leave wet streaks if you’re not careful drying the wall after.

Specifically, the bathroom walls we will discuss today are simple drywall with a coat of paint. We understand brick and other wall fixtures take different measures to clean.

However, in this article, we’ll be focusing specifically on how to clean wall stains, the drywall and how to clean white walls.

Soap & Water

Our first example is pretty much all ordinary households have in their house: soap and water. If you’re on a budget, we recommend using this way of cleaning the drywall rather than buying any other items on this list.

Sponge & Water

The sponge is an excellent substitute for the paper towel, especially if you’re on a budget. Simply buying an all-purpose sponge can help your budget as you’re able to use the sponge over and over again once you’ve finished.

Magic Eraser

If you’re cautious about having soap on your walls, there is an alternative to the bubbles and paper towels.

As most refer to it, the magic eraser is an eraser sponge that can help remove scuff marks and all of the dirty mishaps of cleaning a bedroom wall.

Tips for Choosing the Best Bedroom Colors for Couples

Get Samples – Go to your local paint store or order samples online. 

Pay Attention to Lighting – Look at the samples at different times of the day. Different colours tend to show up under LED light bulbs vs natural light.

Hold Against Surfaces – Hold your samples up to surfaces that run into your walls. For example, consider your cabinetry, countertops, hard floors, carpeting, fireplace surrounds, and trim.

Choose a Color that Works for Both of You – That means you might not want a pink, purple, red or orange bedroom… unless it truly works for both of you. Creating an escape from the hustle and bustle of your daily life means a soothing colour that your romantic partner can enjoy, too!

Top Colours to Choose from Accent Wall Paint
Interior Painting Wallpaper Red Textured Wallpaper in Bedroom

Grey Colour

Striking gray and feng shui are the perfect partners. This colour code symbolizes subtlety and is refreshing. It attracts accuracy and delicacy into your lives. Many tones and shades of gray can be used to give that perfect look to your bedroom.

Master Bedroom Paint Ideas

Here are the best bedroom paint colours in 2022 and their moods:

Blue Colour

Blue or pastel tones of blue for the walls of your bedroom ensures that you have a calm and tranquil environment. It is the ultimate colour for unreeling after a tiring day. As per Vastu Shastra, an all-white color pattern with blue-colored doors and furniture would be awesome.

Green Colour

Out of several Vastu Colors, green displays alleviation, ease, relief and healing. Occupants with lower immunity or the aged shall inhabit this room to get healed. If you don’t want to paint the walls green, you can place some green-coloured items like plants.

Yellow Colour

The yellow color symbolizes contentment, intellect and cheerfulness and is considered ideal for bedroom spaces according to Vastu Shastra. It is totally suited to a small room, turning it into an embracing and spacious setting. How do you think adding an accent wall garnished with floral wallpaper sounds?

Pink Colour

If we talk about love, delight and togetherness, pink is what comes to mind. Why not gather all these qualities into your bedroom by painting the walls pink? You can also inculcate tones of pink by placing vases, knobs etc, with a rose-gold shade.

Brown Colour

Tones of brown and beige are the best choices to infuse restfulness and elegance. Furniture with wood timbre adds to the warmth that your bedroom exhibits. Complementing it with off-white furnishing is the icing on the cake.

Purple Colour

Exhibits dignity, equilibrium and compassion in the bedroom. This is the perfect choice for people facing impatience. Complementing it with fairy lights behind the bedpost creates a meditative environment. 

Orange Colour

People with aspirations shall use orange colour for the southern wall of the bedroom. Orange depicts self-esteem, abundance and health. This colour should be avoided by people who have anger problems. 

Indigo Colour

For your child, take up indigo as a colour for the bedroom. It is perfect for enlightening oneself. It improves spiritual and cognitive capabilities and ensures a deepening connection with oneself. 

White Colour

If you enjoy a sense of freedom and zero negativity, white is the colour for your bedroom walls as per Vastu. As per the Vastu colours, white symbolizes peace and purity. It is the colour of innocence. 

What is the Correct Order to Paint a Room?

The right order to paint a room is important. Roughly speaking, there are three stages in painting a room. When you paint, use the following steps:

STEP 1: Prepare your Bedroom for Painting

First things first, let’s empty the room of all things that you don’t want to get painted on during the Interior bedroom painting project. If you want to see specific details, we made a video about How to Prepare your room for Interior painting

1. Remove all bedroom wall decorations, electronics, plants, etc. from the room.

2. Remove all light switches and outlet plates, and cover them with plastic and painter’s tape.

3. Cover all window ledges, door frames, etc. with painter’s tape.

4. Move anything that can’t be removed to the center of the room and cover the floor and furniture with drop cloths/plastic coverings.

5. Fix all nail holes, small dents, and hairline cracks in the bedroom wall with plaster, spackle, or Polyfilla.

6. Clean the bedroom walls/surfaces to be painted with a simple solution of dish soap and water.

Prepare Your Bedroom for Painting

STEP 2: Personal Prep for Painting your Bedroom

Now we want to prevent any spilling when you paint a bedroom wall, right? Well, you also don’t want the paint to get spilled on you! Here’s what you should do to prepare yourself for a paint job:

• Tie up all hair so that it is out of the way of your face/anywhere it could get paint in it.

• Wear safety glasses if you want to paint ceilings or use oil/alkyd paint. Paint in your eyes is never a good thing

• Wear rubber gloves and a painter’s apron to prevent any spills on your clothes. If no painter’s apron is available, wear old clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

• Keep a rag close by in order to wipe off any spills as soon as they happen.

STEP 3: Paint the Bedroom Walls

All right, enough bedroom painting prep, let’s paint!

1. Mix your paint with a power drill or with a stir stick

2. Never carry a full paint can. Always put paint into an empty can or smaller can to prevent big spills

3. Using a paint edging tool, cover all of the edges once you’ve done everything else.

4. Paint from top to bottom in three-foot sections while leaving space around the edges (cover edges last). See our How to paint a room blog and video for details.

5. Use long strokes, refilling the paint roller as needed. If you need help with using a paint roller, we have written a tutorial and video on how to use a Paint Roller.

6. Allow the painted walls to dry and check your work. Re-apply as many coats as needed.

7. Remove all painter’s tape once fully completed.

8. Remove all drop cloths and garbage. Reinstall bedroom wall fixtures and decorations.

Paint Your Bedroom or Interior and Exterior of your Toronto Home – Look Online with Benjamin Moore Personal Color Viewer

This paint colour visualizer by Benjamin Moore allows you to paint a room or home interior or the exterior of your home virtually.  See how paint colours will look before you pick up a paintbrush.

Want to see Bedroom colour Ideas and before and after photos? Check out our Pinterest page!

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Of course, if you don’t really feel like getting your hands dirty, Professional Painting Companies in Toronto can always step in and do that for you!

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