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Painting Stucco Ceiling Or Popcorn Ceiling Removal?

There is so much to think about when it comes to stucco ceilings. There are some homeowners out there who really don’t mind them, but are looking to give them a bit of a refresh. That’s where painting stucco ceilings comes in! In case you didn’t know how to paint a stucco ceiling, we’re going to give you all the steps.

Also, we’re going to look into the pros and cons of popcorn ceiling removal. Because sometimes it can be worth it to just go ahead and get rid of your stucco ceiling. So, without further adieu, let’s dig into painting stucco ceiling or popcorn ceiling removal! 

Popcorn Ceiling Removal: Is That The Way To Go? 

Before you decide to fully go down the road to painting stucco ceiling, it’s important to consider whether you might want to go with popcorn ceiling removal. There are some major advantages to consider with flattening stucco ceilings. To learn more about how to remove stucco ceilings, visit this blog here!

  • Yes, it is a rather large project to take on that can get messy and take some time. But it also immediately updates and modernizes your space.
  • Popcorn ceiling removal is often the cleaner and more hygienic option.
  • Even if you keep up on your dusting and vacuuming, stucco ceilings can be a breeding ground for dust, dirt and cobwebs.
  • Stucco ceiling flattening can also be a great opportunity to clean up any ceiling or water stain damage as well.
  • Say goodbye to harsh shadows! Popcorn ceiling removal can also create better lighting in your home space as well.
  • If you’re curious about the cost of popcorn ceiling removal, it usually runs anywhere around $1,500 – $1,800, at a minimum.
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Step #1: Prep the room 

Since painting stucco ceilings can be a messy process, proper prep work is required.

  • When considering how to paint a stucco ceiling, you’re going to want to move out as much furniture as you can. Whatever you can’t move out of the room, bring it to the centre of your space.
  • Also, don’t forget to get down any photos or artwork from your walls as well!
  • From there, you’ll want to cover all the furniture with plastic sheeting. Tape it down if you want to ensure that your furniture and belongings stay protected.
  • If you aren’t doing some interior painting on your walls, be sure to cover them with plastic sheeting as well. This will prevent any paint splatter from painting stucco ceiling to transfer to your walls.
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How does one go about painting stucco ceilings? 

If you’ve decided not to flatten your stucco ceiling, people often wonder if it’s possible to paint stucco ceilings. And the answer to that question is yes! People worry that you can’t paint textured ceilings because the stucco will fall right off. The thing is, you do have to be careful of this issue, but there are certainly ways around it.

It’s all in the prep work, your painting materials and technique. Let’s take you through the step-by-step process of how to paint stucco ceilings. And if you’re curious as to how much it would cost to have your stucco ceiling painted professionally, you’re looking at anywhere from $1,000 – $1,500.

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Step #2: Find out if your stucco ceiling has been painting before 

In terms of how to paint a stucco ceiling, it’s vital to find out if your popcorn ceiling has been previously painted.

  • If your stucco ceiling looks sealed and rather smooth, it has most likely been painted before. When examining your popcorn ceiling and you find it to be sharp and kind of pointed, it may not have been previously painted.
  • If you still can’t quite tell if your stucco ceiling has been painted before, we have another tip for you. Go to a corner of your room and run your finger along the edge of your popcorn ceiling. If your stucco ceiling flakes away fairly easily, it’s likely that it hasn’t been painted before.
  • In this process, do not wash your stucco ceiling! This will not only create a huge mess, but it will likely change the appearance of your stucco ceiling as well.

Step #3: If unpainted, prime & seal stucco ceiling

  • If your stucco ceiling hasn’t been painted before, you need to prime and seal it prior painting a popcorn ceiling.
  • We recommend an odorless oil based primer and sealer or a waterborne primer for ceilings. Check out KILZ Original Low Odor Primer.
  • It’s important to not use a typical latex primer here. It can actually ruin your textured ceiling and even cause the stucco to come off.
  • Always be sure to do at least one coat of primer on your popcorn ceiling. BUT if you have a stucco ceiling that’s yellowed, has smoke or water stains or just hasn’t been painted in several years, you might want to go for two coats of primer. It can be a necessary step to properly seal all the cracks and crevices.
  • If you have a particularly stubborn stucco ceiling spot with stains, you might want to do a layer of Zinsser Cover Stain in those spots. It will add an extra layer of protection and help to properly prepare for the paint.

Step #4: Painting your stucco ceiling

  • When thinking about how to paint stucco ceilings, it can be really helpful to cut into your most difficult areas first with a paint brush. This includes the corners of the ceiling and around any light fixtures. When painting stucco ceilings, there will be spots that your paint roller simply cannot reach.
  • Once you cut in, you can get your paint roller and simply start in one corner and roll out systematically. This is ensure that you don’t miss any large areas.
  • Be sure to use long smooth rolls and to not press too hard as that can cause some inconsistent marks on painted stucco ceilings.
  • Always try to keep your room as well lit as it can be. This will help that you see all of the little spaces and bumps on your textured ceiling and that none are missed!

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Did this help make your decision as to whether you should go the route of painting your stucco ceiling or popcorn ceiling removal? Or perhaps it’s just the work involved that just sounds like too much for you! Let our professional house painters handle everything! Call 416.494.9095 or email brian@HomePaintersToronto.com for a FREE quote or visit our website https://www.homepainterstoronto.com/

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