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Have you looked up above lately and noticed that a little something is off? Ceiling paint peeling can occur for several reasons. The most common causes are excess moisture and improper painting techniques. No matter what actually causes the paint to peel, you will need to remove all of the peeling paint to start. Then, you’ll need to fill and plaster the surface, sand it until smooth, prime, and then apply a new coat of paint. This can be a long process, but with the help of professional painters, they can quickly repair any damages and you’ll be on your way! 

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Peeling paint on the ceiling is not ideal

Ceiling paint peeling is not attractive, by any means. In fact, it actually lowers the attractiveness of your home by a lot. It can turn what was a beautiful and elegant home into a rotting structure or turn a very clean bathroom into an unsanitary area. Not to mention that if the peeling happens on ceilings or interior walls, it could potentially cause health issues for your family. Falling paint pieces can be extremely dangerous as well. Also, breathing in paint dust can greatly affect your lungs. All this to say that peeling or damaged paint on the ceiling is no good for any home and there are ways to combat this problem.

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What are the common causes of ceiling paint peeling?

  1. Moisture: In places where there is high humidity and high levels of moisture (washrooms), your ceiling paint peeling should come from that.
  2. Water leak: When the moisture gets into the ceiling, it will make itself known in many ways. You will notice watermarks and paint may start to peel or bubble up.
  3. Build up of scum or soap: Typically in washrooms, this will also cause ceiling paint peeling. This will usually be in the shower, toilet, or sink area, and can even happen in the kitchen.
  4. Candles: You should be careful where you light your candles. If there has been lots of smoke or even fire damage, you should take notice of the effect it could have on your ceiling.

Other causes: 

  1. Water
  2. A dirty surface and poor surface preparation
  3. High temperatures and intense sunlight
  4. Too many layers of paint
  5. Many different coats of paint on the same surface
  6. Low-quality paint
  7. Expired paint
  8. Extreme dryness
  9. Corrosive substances
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Exposure to water

Water is the main cause of peeling or flaking paint in bathrooms, ceilings, and on exterior walls. When water hits the coats of paint, the layers separate and detach from the surface. This results in bulging, cracking, and eventually peeling. The water can come from a leaking roof, soffit, and a gutter. It can also come from a permeable wall allowing water to penetrate onto the surface. Lastly, when in the washroom, water splashes can occur and that can affect peeling paint in that section of your home.

Some tips along the way

Peeling paint in your bathroom or any space in your home should not alarm you. This is a common occurrence. As with anything in life, there is always a solution to your problems. In bathrooms, peeling paint occurs because of its high levels of humidity and moisture from showering. It is extremely important to use your bath vent or fan 10 to 15 minutes after you shower because this can prevent moisture from seeping into your bathroom. Let it run until you feel the moisture has eventually left. Do not let the peeling paint alarm you. Problems always arise. The vital thing after noticing the problem, is to fix it whenever you can. Whether you do it yourself or with the help of home painting services.

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