We have heard the phrase “new year, new me.” When it comes to your home, we should develop a new phrase “new year, new home makeover!” Every year when it comes to home renovation, there are brand new trends and designs that people become accustomed to. So, why not start this new year off with a bang?

For 2021, home designers see this year as “combining shapes and materials in unique and creative ways.” Also, shake siding is one of the top trends this year because of its “warmth and subtle texture to modern exterior home design styles.” This is a great way to boost your curb appeal, while having up-to-date siding (like seamless siding). With a new year upon us, let’s find out which exterior home painting colours you should choose and the different types of exterior painting!

Top 5 Exterior Home Transformations

Exterior Paint Colours

Choosing exterior home painting colours should be easier due to upcoming and popular trends. What are the most popular exterior paint colours for 2021? That would be rich charcoal grayThis paint colour is a stylish choice because of its ability to “transfer any exterior from ordinary to ultra-modern.” The beauty lies with its unique shade between gray and black, but it does have hints of dark blue. Making this colour much more appealing and extravagant, especially with the most modern houses. It is timeless and will be a trendy exterior home painting colour for a long while.

Other trendy exterior home paint colours for 2021 are Naval and ThunderThey are balanced and natural colours that homeowners adore. If you are more of a playful person this new year, look no further than brighter colours that can create seamless energy and fun for your home. These brighter colours include: Gambol Gold, Aquarium and Calypso Berry. They can work best for exterior or interior designs. The main goal for homeowners every year, but especially this year should be about expressing your creativity and personality through home renovation.

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How to Pick the Right Exterior Home Painting Colours

Some of us always plan ahead and know what to do. Others don’t have a plan, but are the type to “go with the flow.” Regardless of how you plan, picking the right exterior paint colour is vital. You will want to be sure you get the right colour that brings out the best in your home. First things first, use exterior paint samples! It’s like when you write a test at school and the teacher gives you prep questions so you get an idea of how the test will be. The same goes for picking paint for your home’s exterior. When looking at the samples, it will make your decision so much more easier.

Secondly, picking the right colour scheme is important too. Think about the architecture of your home, the colour of your roof, colour of your posts, etc. You should weigh all of these factors, so that you can find the right shade for your home’s exterior that is complementary to its entire appearance.

Lastly, while choosing the right paint is important, of equal importance is the type of paint styles as well. This includes latex, oil, and stains. While it is dependent on the surface you will be painting on, you will need to make sure that you select the right type of paint for the best adhesion. This way, it will last long and will create flawless results. When you apply all these factors, you can finally decorate and design your dream house!

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Types of Exterior Painting


  • Stucco’s common name is Portland Cement Plaster. It is an application for indoor or outdoor surfaces. It is extremely durable,  fungus resistant, and it is low-maintenance, so it will not require you to do much work. In addition, it is low-cost and can be mixed in various layers.
  • There are two types of stucco: contemporary and traditional. Contemporary stucco originates from Portland Cement materials and is mixed together with sand and water. This forms a plaster. Traditional stucco on the other hand, use lime and not Portland Cement.
  • You can use stucco for interior and exterior walls. You can apply the plaster using a machine or can apply it manually. Either way, you can apply stucco paint on concrete wall systems, siding, cinder block, and on frame structures.
  • Best paint for stucco: Deep Onyx by Glidden 

Siding (vinyl)

  • The best paint for vinyl is 100% acrylic paint, especially when painting siding. It provides top notch adhesion because it sticks to the vinyl easier, while having long lasting results. Also, it is an easy and affordable way to give the exterior of your home a boost.
  • If the paint you choose is darker than your current vinyl, you do not need to use a primer. Oppositely, if the paint you choose is not dark, a surface primer is recommended for good results. Lastly, painting your vinyl can help protect it when the weather conditions get harsh.
  • Best paint for siding (vinyl): Acrylic-based paints


  • Unfortunately, brick is highly expensive to replace, yet alone repair. So, that is why professional painters recommend painting your brick instead. 
  • A cheaper alternative to replacing your bricks is to paint them! Not only is this cheaper, but you will maintain it properly and longer than if you were to completely change them. If you change them, that would cost you some big bucks. Adding a fresh coat of paint is the way to go, especially if you want to save money and time.
  • Best paint for brick: Sherwin-Williams’ SuperPaint Acrylic Latex

Environmentally Conscious Homeowners

For this new year, homeowners are environmentally conscious when it comes to building their homes and what materials they are using. They want to “maximize their energy savings for a sustainable design that is socially conscious.” We are living in dire times, so it is vital to know what is going on around us, especially when it comes to the environment. Choosing materials that are energy-saving and that will be long-lasting. Smart technology items are becoming a trend, including energy-efficient windows. Homeowners that love the outdoors are also considering retractable glass doors that work perfectly outside and inside. Outdoor living areas will be a top trend this year.

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