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The Best Yellow Paint Swatches To Consider

What do we associate yellow paint with? Sun. Bright. Happiness. Relaxation. The right shades of yellow paint are actually more versatile than you would think. It can be soft and relaxing or it could be sophisticated and bold. Also, yellow is still very much a traditional colour, so it has never gone out of style. Lastly, there are many yellow paint swatches and shades to choose from and whatever you decide, yellow is a vibrant colour prone to brighten up any space. However, if you are lost, feel free to keep reading on what shades of yellow paint are best for your home!

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Shades of Yellow Paint

There are various shades of yellow paint that would serve your home well. It’s just a matter of what you want and how you would like your home to look and feel. Here are a list of yellow paint swatches.

  1. Wax PepperThis shade of yellow is probably the most bold one! If you truly love the colour yellow, then you should definitely embrace this shade. It screams sunshine! Also, in places that receive a lot of sunlight like the kitchen or playrooms – this shade will work very well because its undertones are so bright!
  2. Behr Turmeric M290-7: Going from bold to a more dark yellow, look no further than this Turmeric shade. If you apply this in the right room, it adds a layer of personality and mood to that space. What is the right room for this shade? Living room and dining room and would also work well when paired with other bold colours (like teal and orange). Are you looking for a knock-out punch? This shade does just that!
  3. Sherwin Williams Cachet Cream SW 6365: Now, if you’re a person who like to be neutral, not a fan of bold or dark yellows, this shade of yellow is what you need. Although not quite yellow like Curious George, this peachy and neutral yellow paint is perfect for dining rooms, living rooms, or even hallways. In addition, it would work well with reddish woods and its ginger tones will help magnify green accents (if you have that in your home).
  4. Magnolia Heirloom Yellow: Many homeowners are transitioning from bright and bold colours to earthy tones. This shade is just that: earthy and plain. Also, it works well in just about any space in your home and is grounded, yet mature in its appearance.
  5. Behr Bicycle Yellow 370A-3: This is another bright shade of yellow that will enlighten you with energy and happiness. Rather just simply being bright, when surrounded by white or black accents, you room will actually look much more refined and modern.

Using Yellow Paint Swatches to Brighten Up your Home

Some people may have dark rooms that do not illuminate much sunlight and that’s okay. The best alternative is to use bright paint(s) to feel like there is sunlight coming into your room. Yellow paint does just that. It adds a layer of brightness and happiness to your life and your room. Let’s be real: the colour yellow (colour of the sun) has to be one of the best options to brighten up a dark room, right? In addition, it looks great with warm wood tones and when it is the dominant colour with an all-white setting, it makes for a spectacular view. So, if you are lacking natural light in your room, yellow paint will be a dominant and bright colour to help combat that issue.

It could make you feel More Active!

It’s pretty safe to say that the lighter the shade, the more energy and positivity it gives. As we know, yellow is the colour of the sun and the epitome of vibrancy! The moment you lay eyes on a yellow wall, you instantly feel good. Also, a research study has found that shades of yellow paint in a room causes people to become more active in their day to day tasks and are more conscious of their surroundings. So, in the event that you are feeling a little lazy and out of sorts, a yellow wall can change that instantly. So, why not consider a yellow wall in your office? You could find that it boosts productivity and even helps you enjoy your day more! 

Other colours that help to boost energy

There are other colours you might consider in terms of interior painting to help boost your energy as well. Red is a great choice for a powerful colour that will really get your blood pumping. If you want something a little more zen that will help with balance, consider green. It won’t strain the eyes and helps with creating balance. Also, if you find that you have trouble concentrating while working from your home office, maybe paint it blue. Blue can help keep you feeling more awake and is actually said to sustain better communication.

3 important tips on how to pick your paint colours

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