How Much Do Painters Charge in Toronto For Interior Painting?

Interior painting is one of the most cost-effective ways to enhance and refresh the look and feel of your home. A fresh colour scheme can dramatically transform the ambiance and mood of any room. But when it comes to applying that fresh coat, one question often arises: “How much do painters charge in Toronto for interior painting?” Having a good understanding of the cost involved in interior painting projects can help you budget effectively and align your plans with your financial resources. In this blog post, we’ll ponder this question and dive into the factors that typically contribute to the total cost of hiring professional painters in Toronto.

Painting Costs Per Square Foot In Canada

It can be quite overwhelming and exciting when you decide your home needs a new paint job. Many questions homeowners ask themselves and others in their household before following through with a given company.

These questions are typical for anyone wanting a new paint job; however, before you get ahead of yourself, it is paramount to know your dream makeover’s cost before it takes place. With this knowledge, there will be no appalling surprises or inner doubts before the paint job even takes place.

It is important to note that every painter is different; there are all sorts of variables that come into play when a company configures their rates. Consider this a useful guide of some sort to understand the market and general rules of thumb in regard to home painting charges.

The most common painting job homeowners want to accomplish is painting their walls.

Maybe you got tired of looking at your outdated walls every day.

Perhaps the popcorn ceiling you have is giving you an eyesore every time you wake up from a nap on the couch. No matter if you want a change, before you get anything set in stone, it is essential to know how painters will charge you based on your walls, door trims, closet and ceilings.

Here is a list of some generalities you should know before calling your local paint company:

  • Most painters on average in Toronto and the GTA will charge around $2-3 per square foot ( 2,000 square foot home would roughly equal $4,000)
  • Trim and doors will cost $1 per square foot
  • Ceilings will cost on average $1 to $1.50 per square foot ( cost will be on the lower side if it is a flat ceiling)
  • Closets range from about $75 – $175 ( walk-in and larger closets will be on the higher end of the prices)

1. How much do walls cost per square footage?

It really depends on the size of your home, but the average home size in Toronto and the GTA will cost you around $2 to $3 per square foot for two coats of paint. Just multiply the measurement by the estimated amount, and you’ll come up with a general idea of the cost of paint per square foot.

The average size home in Toronto usually comes in at around 1,500 square feet. So, you’re looking at anywhere from $3,000 to $4,500. If you want your entire home painted and you have two floors, it’s likely the cost will be around $5,000 – $7,500.


2. What about my door trims?

Trims and doors vary depending on the property’s style and interior design. With this cost, it usually works out to include wooden interior trims, interior doors, baseboards and window trims. Usually, it’s around $1 – $2 cost of paint per square foot to add these parts to the price, depending on their condition. There is a lot of wear and tear on trims, doors and baseboards, so overall, it usually averages anywhere from $700 – $1,200. All trims and doors will also need two coats of quality interior paint.


3. What Variables affect the cost of Interior Painting?

Several factors come into play when the square footing price is determined.

Paint Type and Quality

The type and quality of the paint used can considerably affect the cost. High-quality, durable paints generally come with a higher price tag but offer a smoother application and long-lasting finish.

Costs can fluctuate and shift due to scenarios such as the number of paints chosen.

Generally speaking, most homeowners want 2-3 different paint colours for their interior; however, for those who desire 5+ colours, the cost will be steeper.

Another variable to note is the type of paint you are selecting from brands like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams and other high-quality manufacturers.

Additional Services

Factors such as the amount of furniture and the year’s duration will also determine the makeover’s additional fees.
Some painting projects may require additional services like moving furniture, priming, or painting in a rush or peak season. These services aren’t included in basic painting costs, so they will add to your total bill.

You should find a diverse set of prices that will give you a vast selection and help you budget accordingly.

No one paint company is the same.

However, the majority will ask for a small deposit before the job is started and then receive the final deposit of the payment after the job is finished.

Mode of Payment

Payment terms such as payment schedules (over the year), Visa, and Mastercard will end up charging you more than if you were to pay with cash or a check.

The mode of payment can sometimes influence the overall cost of your painting project. Some professionals offer discounts for cash payments because this allows them to avoid credit card processing fees. Others may have financing options available for larger projects, offering a considerable benefit for those who prefer to manage the costs over time.

Project Size and Complexity

Saving the most important for last, the amount of prep (sanding, filling) needed to start the job will determine the additional costs. Here is a list of prep variables that could spike up the price of your interior design dream:

• Plaster-type homes will require more prep

• Oil trim requires a special primer to ensure guaranteed results

• New Construction means higher expectations and much more prep work

• Price will be higher if the job is more difficult; a two-story hallway requires higher skill and prep work compared to a space like a bungalow

• Wallpaper, kitchen cabinet staining, and any other niches will cost more than a typical paint job

To Paint or to Not Paint:

Deciding to have an interior design paint makeover is an exciting, precarious and ultimately satisfying thing when done correctly.

Whether you want your closet, walls, ceiling, doors, and trim done or all of them together, the cost of it all can be quite intimidating for someone’s first time.

As a refresher, make sure to keep these things in mind before you decide to follow through with a new paint job: What is my home’s square footage?

Do I want just the walls painted, or does my antiquated closet also need a touch-up?

Are two to three colours enough to satisfy my interior design dream?

These are the questions that you must ask yourself if you are anxious or confused about the final charges of the job at hand.

The cost may be at the back of your mind during this project if you have the assets; however, if you are like me and make a conscious effort to budget smartly and go for what is realistic instead of imaginative, then use this as a guide for your interior design master plan!

Tips to Save on Interior Painting in Toronto

To keep the cost of your project as efficient as possible, consider the following:

  1. Do Some Prep Work: Doing some prep work (cleaning, repairing minor wall damage, taping, etc.) can help save on labour costs by reducing the time necessary for the professionals.
  2. Opt for Quality: Investing in high-quality paint may lead to initial cost uptick, but it can save you money in the long run by holding up better over time and requiring fewer touch-ups or redo’s.
  3. Seek Multiple Quotes: Ask for quotes from multiple professionals to ensure you’re getting a fair price.


Professional painters can deliver remarkable results for your interior painting project, but their services come at a cost. It’s important to understand these costs, which vary based on labour, project size and complexity, paint type, and wall conditions.

By preparing a budget, doing some prep work, and smartly considering paint options, it’s possible to reduce the costs of professional interior painting and still achieve a beautiful outcome. Always remember to request quotations from multiple painters to ensure you are getting a fair and competitive rate for your paint project in Toronto.

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