Finding a Good Painter in Toronto

If you’re looking for a good painter in Toronto, there are several things to consider. So now you may be wondering: How do I choose a good painting contractor? And what should I expect from them? To answer these questions, let’s take a look at some of the most important things to consider when choosing painting companies in Toronto.

Hiring a Painter Checklist

Every decade or so, most homes need a new coat. Painting your home helps protect it from the elements, keeps it looking good, and allows you to just enjoy it more. The thing is- painting a home by yourself can take a LONG time. This leads many people towards hiring a professional, which brings its own challenges. They’ll need to do research into house painters, find one that’s actually affordable, set up a few interviews, etc.

Hiring a painter doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. But don’t expect to be able to snap your fingers then just sit back and watch everything unfold all by itself.  In reality, the more actively involved you are in the process, at least to a certain extent,  the easier you can make a life for yourself and your workers.

First Step in Hiring a Painter

Compiling a relatively small shortlist of painters that you’d consider working with. A general rule of thumb is to have about 3-4 painters or painting companies you’d be willing to work with.

There are a variety of ways to conduct research to figure out which professional painters are best for you and your project.

One great way is to ask any friends or neighbours that have had a paint job done recently for who they worked with and if they recommend that company. Getting a positive recommendation from somebody you trust can be a very helpful way to help you to decide which painter to hire.

Another way is to utilize search engines such as Google, Better Business Bureau, and Facebook. It’s important to read customer reviews, as these are a lot more honest than a company’s description of their services. A good thing to keep track of when reading customer reviews is if there are any recurring things, either positive or negative. If many customers say that this painter is unprofessional, lazy, and did a poor-quality job, that’s probably pretty accurate. On the other hand, if there are a bunch of five-star reviews describing the painter’s professionalism, quality, and communication, you can feel confident they’d be a pretty good option.

How to Tell if a Painter is Good

Finding the right painter for the job is essential to bring in the magic of feeling the beauty of the selected range of colours for painting walls. Therefore, it is essential to pick a painter who has experience and focuses on quality rather than making quick money. Many local painters promise to fix painting issues in a limited time so that they get jobs quickly and make more and more money. 

You must always look for some of these characteristics before you sign a contract with a painter to ensure that you are dealing with the best painters in Toronto.

1. Preparation is foremost

Every good painter knows that the primary factor in a durable paint job is proper surface preparation. However, as to many experts and professionals, this feature is lacking in many painters. The painters need to start the work by scraping loose paint. After this, they should power wash the surface.

2. Proper masking is vital

Professional painters should be aware that your home is very important and dear to you. As you have put in the majority of your hard-earned money in life to buy a house. Hence, trained painters carefully mask and seal the windows, doors, furniture, cars, and other related fragile items. Also, they should make sure that the pavers and concrete are covered using drop cloths to keep them safe.

3. Top-quality product

Many painters stick to certain brands. This can actually be a positive sign many times but now always. However, in the opinion of some experts, the brand does not always reveal the entire true story. When you decide on the paint type as per your budget, it is advisable to check the paint type with the coating which is then present at the site. There are many reputable brands that provide grade lines that don’t last for a long time. So, there are also many brands that are very popular, the user may think he is using very good paint of a good brand but the paint is actually of very poor quality. An experienced painter can easily suggest to you some good brands and their product’s pros and cons. So, you must be sure that the paints being used are of top quality.

4. Good paints offer longevity

Some painters believe that water should not be mixed with paint. But as believed by some experts, this is just a myth. A good painter always adds some amount of water to a bucket of paint for dilution. Only in some waterproof paint, mixing water is strictly prohibited.

5. He will go for a double inspection

A good painter will always go for an inspection before signing the contract or starting his job. A painter who is even better will also go for a complete inspection of the work done by him. Moreover, before it is actually viewed by the owner of the site!

How do I Find a Good Painter?

With all the fear-mongering renovation articles and TV shows out there, you’d think that the majority of contractors and painters are scammers! For example, one of the tough issues all homeowners face is who is the best painter for them and how to find a good painter.


No doubt there are criminals out there ready to prey on your hard-earned money. However, instead of putting you on high alert, let’s examine the positive side of things: When you are looking for fine painting services in Toronto how do you know you’ve finally found a reputable and good painter that’s worth hiring?


Here are the top signs you’ve found the right person to paint your home.

Good House Painters Proud of their Business and Work

A reputable house painter will proudly show you their business license, and insurance. And won’t hesitate to provide you with references to verify the quality of their work.

Prompt and Punctual

When your phone calls are returned quickly and they take the time to answer all of your questions, you’re on the right path. This is a good sign they are organized, believe in customer service, and care about your needs.

Good House Painters Proud of their Business and Work
Non Paint Material Checklist

Factor #2: non-paint materials

When you’re painting your home, it’s not just the cost of the interior paint you need to factor in. You’re always going to need more than paint to make your home look complete! There are always going to be additional materials needed to help along the way. Think about such items as primers, plaster thinners, tape, drop cloths, caulking, items for drywall repair, etc.

Sure, these items won’t add up in the same way in which interior paint might, but they will definitely cost you some money. So, it’s always best to factor them into the average cost to paint a house.

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A Good House Painter Won’t Demand 100% Payment Upfront

While a small deposit may be required, good painters will never demand full payment before the job is done.


Professionalism is in the Details

Do they have business cards, proper painting contracts, and a clear schedule for their work?

In other words, a true professional painter is just what you should expect.

If it looks like they’re winging it, maybe that person is not your expected good house painter and you must look for someone else.

What Should I Expect From a Professional Painter?

When it’s time to paint your home, you’ll get the best results from a professional. However, not all painters will provide the same quality, so it’s important to know what a good painter will do before hiring their services. Here are some things you can expect from a quality professional painting company.


An important part of hiring a painting service is the estimate. This can help you get a good idea of what you’ll be paying, as well as what’s included in their services. Make sure the estimate includes prep work, which is arguably the most important component of a good paint job. It should also include a rough timeline showing how long the job should take. Getting an estimate provides an opportunity for you to get a feel for the attitude and communication abilities of the painters. Based on their timeliness and willingness to answer questions when they come to do the estimate. 

Colour Advice

The painters should also be able to provide expert colour advice. This will ensure you get the right colours that complement each other and will work well with the lighting in your room. They’ll also know the latest trends in design so that your house is up-to-date. This is especially important if you plan to sell your house anytime soon. 


Surface preparation is extremely important, so don’t be surprised if the painters seem to spend the majority of their time getting the surface ready. If you’re having the exterior painted, the surface will be power washed and repaired to ensure the new paint adheres well to the surface. Interior preparation is important as well. Any imperfections will be filled in and repaired. The surfaces will also need to be washed and non-painted areas appropriately taped off. The preparation procedure depends partially on the type of tools being used to paint, whether it’s brushes, rollers, sprayers, or a combination of tools. 

Equipment and Supplies

A major difference between hiring professionals and doing the painting yourself is the type and quality of tools and equipment used. Professional painters will use numerous types of brushes to make sure the lines are clean, and they’ll have all the supplies on hand before they start the job. Proper supplies include tarps and drop cloths, as well as high-quality painter’s tape that will ensure only the right areas are painted. Professionals also only use the highest quality paint products and will usually use a primer when needed rather than a primer/paint combo product. This is an important thing to keep in mind when considering the time frame for the job.

Expertise and Results

You can expect to see a lot of experience and expertise with a professional painter. Painting is a very technical skill that requires years of practice and results in a far better-finished product over a DIY job or a less-experienced company. You can expect that there won’t be bleeding paint in corners or around trim and that the paint sufficiently covers the surface. Most painters are so confident in their ability that they offer a warranty, not only on the paint but on their work as well.

Solid Guarantees is a MUST for a Good House Painter

You wouldn’t buy a new car from a company without a clear warranty and the same applies to hiring a painter.

In addition, a really good house painter in Toronto will have a written guarantee for their work during and after the job is completed.

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Non Paint Material Checklist

Two Thumbs Up

While a painter can sell you the moon in person, they can’t hide from sites like HomeStars. While you are trying to find a good painter check these sites and see what people are saying, even contact them. Therefore, these two websites can help you find painters in your area. If they’re highly rated here, you have likely found a winner good painter to paint your house.

• In Toronto, the average size of a home is about 1,500 ft. ². If your hallway is larger, extends well into the home and has extensive trim work, your painting estimate will be higher. But on average, the cost would be between $3,000 and $4,000.

Pressure – Free Consultations

Any good business knows you need to take time before spending your hard-earned cash. Therefore, a good house painter will never pressure you to make a deal. They will spend the time to give you an accurate and detailed painting estimate and allow your space to make a decision.

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