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How do I Find a Good Painter?

With all the fear-mongering renovation articles and TV shows out there, you’d think that the majority of contractors and painters are scammers! For example, one of the tough issues all homeowners face is who is the best painter for you and how to find a good painter.

No doubt there are criminals out there ready to prey on your hard-earned money. However, instead of putting you on high alert, let’s examine the positive side of things: When you are looking for fine painting services in Toronto how do you know you’ve finally found a reputable and good painter that’s worth hiring?

Here are the top signs you’ve found the right person to paint your home.

Good House Painters Proud of their Business and Work

A reputable house painter will proudly show you their business license, insurance, and won’t hesitate to provide you with references to verify the quality of their work.

Prompt and Punctual

When your phone calls are returned quickly and they take the time to answer all of your questions you’re on the right path. This is a good sign they are organized, believe in customer service and care about your needs.

A Good House Painter Won’t Demand 100% Payment Upfront

A Good House Painter Won’t Demand 100% Payment Upfront

While a small deposit may be required, good painters will never demand full payment before the job is done.

Professionalism is in the Details

Do they have business cards, proper painting contracts and a clear schedule for their work? In other words, a true professional painter is just like you should expect. If it looks like they’re winging it, maybe that person is not your expected good house painter and you must look for someone else.

 Solid Guarantees is a MUST for a Good House Painter

You wouldn’t buy a new car from a company without a clear warranty and the same applies to hiring a painter. In addition, a real good house painter in Toronto will have a written guarantee for their work during and after the job is completed.

 Solid Guarantees is a MUST for a Good House Painter
two thumbs up

Two Thumbs Up

While a painter can sell you the moon in person, they can’t hide from sites like www.HomeStars.com and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). While you are trying to find a good painter check these sites and see what people are saying, even contact them. Therefore, this two websites can help you find painters in your area. If they’re highly rated here, you have likely found a winner good painter to paint your house.

Pressure – Free Consultations

Any good business knows you need to take time before spending your hard-earned cash. Therefore, a good house painter will never pressure you to make a deal. They will spend the time to give you an accurate and detailed painting estimate and allow your space to make a decision.


Most importantly, earning your trust at Home Painters Toronto has always been our #1 priority.

That’s why you’ll find and experience everything listed above about finding a good painter when we come to your home.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Two-Year Quality Guarantee are unmatched. We carry $5 million in Liability Insurance and even go the extra length by screening all our employees with an annual Criminal Background Check for your peace of mind.

Our thousands of satisfied customers have made us a Top-Rated House Painting Company on HomeStars.com and we maintain an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

So call 416.494.9095 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your FREE, in-home consultation today. Let us show you why Home Painters Toronto has been in business for over 30 years in Toronto serving your painting needs.

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