House Painting: Common Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid

Common Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid

House Painting or repainting is an excellent way to bring life to dull surfaces. Although it seems like an easy job, there is a difference between painting and painting well. For beginners, it might be a more challenging task at hand. There are rookie mistakes people should avoid while painting, and here are some of them.

Common Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid in House Painting (3)

1. Not Preparing the Surface

Surface preparation is a crucial part of painting interior and exterior facades.

It is the process of making sure the surface is leveled or even on either side.

By smoothing it out, painters could easily paint over any type of material, such as wood, cement, or metal, without dealing with nooks and crannies that are difficult to fill with paint.

In effect, surfaces you prepare before the actual paint job should exhibit a smooth finish.

They should not have bumps or dents that are visible under any light source.

It also makes the area look much better compared to those that are uneven all around.

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2. Not Using a Primer on the Wood

Primer is a type of coating that ensures the paint sticks to any surface you apply it to.

It is also an agent that makes the product last longer even if the exterior is often exposed to environmental factors, such as extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.

Using a primer is ideal for porous materials like concrete and wood.

It is a mandatory step to coat non-water resistant materials to prepare them for the actual coat of paint.

Lastly, primers are great for surfaces that require cleaning but are hard to do or for dark-coloured places that you will change into new, brighter colours.

3. Not Spreading Paint Properly

Paints adhere best when you apply them at a proper spread rate.

Although there isn’t a definite value of how fast or how slow people should spread the paint across the surface, it should be slow to ensure it’s even but not too fast to the point it gets too thin.

It’s best to apply the paint in layers to prevent cracking and peeling when exposed to extreme temperatures.

Besides, putting on the paint too thick may lead to a longer drying time and become an invitation for a mildew infestation within the property.

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4. Incorrect Use of Latex Paint

Latex paint is a water-based acrylic polymer solution mixed with acrylic resin.

Although it is similar to acrylic paint, it is recommended for more expansive areas because manufacturers sell it in bigger batches.

Although it sounds simple, latex paint is challenging to manage.

Applying it to exterior surfaces under extreme temperatures may lead to peeling or durability problems.

Meanwhile, once it gets wet by the rain within twenty-four hours of application, it instantly gets ruined and may require another round to work.

5. Wrong Use of Paint for Exterior Surfaces

There are various paint types used for several reasons.

Using the wrong kind to paint exteriors may lead to failure and costly do-overs. For example, exterior surfaces need something that quickly dries. 

However, it also depends on the surface’s material on which type to use.

But on average, acrylic latex provides the best overall performance. It is also the best protection against premature failure.

Painting surfaces is challenging, especially if you’re doing the task for the first time. But as soon as you get the hang of it, everything follows. However, be sure to avoid the rookie mistakes above for your first paint job, and no one will know you’re a beginner.

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