Why Paint Is Better than Wallpaper for Your New Wall

Know why paint is better than wallpaper

Do you feel like your interior is outdated and needs a makeover?

One of the fastest interior design hacks is new walls. This redecoration choice revamps the entire feel of your home. Whether your walls get a pop of color or new patterns is up to your preference.

However, here lies the question: Should you go with paint or wallpaper installation?

While wallpaper comes in many gorgeous patterns and can make the home feel more classy, the paint lasts longer and can easily be changed whenever your style changes or you want a fresh look again.

The following paragraphs detail why your new walls will be better off with a fresh coat of paint.

Paint Is Inexpensive and Has a Simple Process

Paint is the easiest to implement. Nearly anyone can paint their walls. It can be easily replaced, and it’s a lot cheaper than wallpaper. If you have a family with small children, paint is your best choice because it can easily be corrected—perfect for the busy, curious kids who almost always have a crayon at hand.

On the other hand, wallpaper doesn’t last very long, and removing it from the wall demands a lot of effort. It’s also more likely to damage itself as well as the wall over the years.

One downside is the issue of turning a dark-colored wall into a lighter one. This can be a heavy task, and you might need the help of professional house painters to execute it flawlessly.

Another concern is that paint can be easily scratched and chipped. Although it can be fixed, getting the perfect match for the original shade can be tricky, especially with an untrained eye.

Paint is the easiest to implement

Paint Is the Better Choice for Rooms that Have Moisture

Wallpaper can’t stand steam or any other moisture. Since the bathroom, kitchen, and bedrooms all have moisture, paint is a sure way to keep your décor intact.

When looking for the paint to use in these areas, choose the finishes containing moisture or mildew-resistant formula. This particular formula keeps moisture from damaging the walls or paint finish.

As for the bedroom, it’s already previously mentioned that paint is easy to replace. The bedroom is one of the most redecorated rooms in the house because the owner’s tastes can change at any time.

Since the bedroom is an intimate place, you will always want it to match your personality. If you wish to have another style for your room, you can just choose another shade to embrace your furnishing options.

Although Wallpaper Can Match Some Rooms Beautifully Too

Wallpaper can match some rooms beautifully

Giving credit where it’s due, wallpaper can be great for the living room and dining room since they don’t accommodate as much activity as the other rooms in the house.

If applied correctly, it can last years, and the correct pattern will add dimension to the rooms.

You might want to consult with an interior decorator if you’re not sure about what pattern to choose.

How about Trying Some Mix N’ Match Themes?

If you’re the adventurous type or if you can’t decide on what to choose, combining paint and wallpaper for your home’s new look may turn out beautiful!

You can use the wallpaper to apply an accent to the paint colors, giving more dimension and flair to the room.

When that small wallpaper section eventually comes down, you can just remove it and apply fresh paint.

Whatever you’ve decided on— whether it’s bold new paint color, an elegant wallpaper, or even a mural— the important thing is it fits the overall design of your home.

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