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DIY Drywall: Here’s How Professional Makes it Easier

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With YouTube videos, step-by-step instruction blog posts, and forums. You may feel like you can tackle any issue in your home that may happen, including drywall repair. Many of us are looking to cut the cost of hiring a professional and reduce the cost of materials. But a drywall project may not be the best place to cut costs.

DIY drywalling is actually more complicated than it looks, and hiring a professional is worth the investment.

Why is Drywall so Challenging?

If you’re not particularly handy, taking on DIY projects around the house can feel overwhelming. While videos and blogs are a great resource, they may not be entirely correct, they may cut corners. Or, they make it seem a lot easier than it is. Drywall is one of those projects.

It’s Time Consuming

When you’re not a skilled and trained professional, drywalling can take a lot of time. An experienced team of professionals can get a job done in hours that may take you days because you are new to drywalling. You also need to do your research and ensure you’re using the right tools, screws, spacing, and how to use them all.

There are also specific skills required to finish the drywall once it’s been installed. It can take a lot of time and effort if you’re not used to doing it.

It’s Hard on the Body

Depending on the size of the drywall you’re replacing, you might hurt yourself trying to install it. Drywall sheets are large, heavy and awkward to install without help. It can be hard on your body if you’re not conditioned to working with large, heavy drywall sheets like a professional would be.

It Requires a lot of Attention to Detail.

From the consistency of the joint compound to taping the drywall, there are a lot of steps that require incredible attention to detail. Joint compound should be a similar consistency of warm cake icing. You won’t achieve the right finished product if you add too much or too little water.

Taping the drywall is no easy feat, even though it looks much easier than it is. Many people make mistake of removing too much joint compound under the tape, which will make the second coat blister. If you happen to do a great job on the taping, you are left with the task of the second coat of compound. Which is the most challenging part.

It’s incredibly difficult to get this task done correctly, even as someone who has a bit of experience, let alone a DIY first-timer. You have to be very careful not to damage the drywall yet, add enough pressure that the edges are feathered into nothing.

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How Does Hiring a Professional Help?

There are those people who want to try the DIY route. Then there are those who will always rely on professionals to get the job done. Suppose you try to take on a drywall job yourself, and it goes awry.

You will have wasted the time and money it took for you to do the job. And then you’ll have to spend more money to hire someone to fix it. Which likely will cost more than it would have before you attempted it yourself.

Skills and Experience

Hiring a contractor with the necessary skills and experience will not only save you time and money. The final product will often exceed your expectations. A qualified professional team is precise and will ensure the project is completed without a hitch.

Especially if you’re working with a company conscious of your budget, they’ll be sure to do a fantastic job at your price point.

They are Equipped with the Right Tools

When you take on a DIY job, and you don’t already have everything you need. Purchasing tools and materials for a one-time job can be expensive and unnecessary. Hiring a professional means that they already have everything they need to get the job done. You don’t have to fork out the money for tools you will use one or two times.

They’re also equipped with the skills and knowledge to work with any tools safely and adequately. So, there won’t be any injuries or damage to the drywall.

Better Results

When it’s your first time taking on a project, you won’t be familiar with the steps. So your finished product might not look better. A professional is a master of their craft and can make your drywall look good as new. Especially when it comes to the most significant investment you’ve made in your house, you will want to spend the money to have excellent results.

Any shotty work will affect the value of your home.

Save Yourself the Headache

Doing a drywall repair or installation job yourself will lead to a lot of time and money spent. It will also cause you a lot of stress if you’re not skilled enough to do the job. Save yourself the headache and trust a team of professionals to do what they’re good at.

Save the time you would have otherwise spent on this project and do something you love to do as well. Avoid the mess, clean up, paint, money spent and stress gained and trust the team at Home Painters Toronto to do a fantastic job for you.



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