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You Want “To Do it Yourself” (DIY)?

You Want “To Do it Yourself” (DIY)?

Read This First to Save Yourself Time and Money!

Do it Yourself (DIY) – Having worked as a top painting company in Toronto and the GTA for the past 25 years, we have seen it all.   This includes half completed house painting projects; or painting projects that were finished but not quite to the satisfaction of the homeowner.


It all looks so easy when you want to do it yourself (DIY).   You buy some painting brushes and rollers, pick your favourite paint color, apply to wall and you’re done . . . right?  Well then why do 80% of the “do it yourselfers” never complete the project they start; or even worse 80% who start and finish the Do-it-yourself job aren’t satisfied with the job after they have finished.   In the end, this results is a waste of time and money.    By not knowing the many fine details, this leaves them with a mess that is inevitably fixed by hiring a painting professional.


This is the common scenario of where theory and practice crash head-on costing homeowners time, stress and worst of all LOTS OF MONEY!

Here are the most Common Mistakes Do-It-Yourself Painters make:

  • Underestimating of Time: Painting projects require a lot of preparation before any painting is actually performed. Most people try to tackle these jobs in their spare time after work, on weekends and at the cost of family and personal time. The job then lags on, steps are rush/skipped, and the finished product is a disappointment.
  • 65% of all paint failures can be attributed to poor and/or improper surface preparation. This results in premature cracking, peeling, blistering and bleeding.
  • Not Reading the Paint instruction: Many mistakes result from neglecting the manufacturer’s instructions for mixing, thinning, surface preparation and temperature recommendations (particularly outdoor).
  • Hazardous Fumes: Without proper knowledge of what paints are hazardous and how to properly vent a home, you put not only yourself at risk (and anyone who helps), but your family as well.
  • Painting over mold: Mold that is not properly cleaned and treated with mold specific paint will lead to re-growth and destroy any work.
  • Painting the second coat before the first coat has dried sufficiently.
  • Failing to prepare walls for painting. Walls may need to be cleaned with special detergents before any paint is even applied.
  • Just not having the expertise to do a professional painting job
  • Not having the tools/tall ladders to complete particular painting projects (We have heard that some homeowners tried to build their painting tools using a 3d printing pens! )

When you hire a reputable painter you will avoid the stress of an expensive Do-It-Yourself disaster. Not only will a professional avoid the mistakes above, but their experience will also make your painted home look better and increase its value.

Here’s why an experienced pro gets the painting projects done right the first time:


  • The Paint Swatch Switch: Swatches are merely guides and often look different when applied. A professional knows how to test swatches so that you see exactly what the final product will look like.
  • Right Room – Right Colour: Some rooms are better warm, some cool. A pro will take lighting, room type and surrounding décor into consideration to find the best colours to highlight each space.
  • Longevity: Properly applied paint lasts for years and professionals can avoid colours that will fall out of fashion in a short time. They’ll also address issues such as cracks and carpentry before painting which all adds to the value of hiring a reputable professional.

With over 25 years in the painting business and a proven track record – A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and a Top-Rated Company on HomeStars – you can trust Home Painters Toronto to do it right the first time.

Call us and schedule a FREE in-home colour consultation. We’ll walk you step-by-step through the colour selection process and address all questions and concerns you have. We back all our work with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a Two Year Quality Guarantee. Even when the job is done, we’re still there for you.

Call us at 416.494.9095 or email us at [email protected], even if you have any questions about Do It Yourself painting project or if you are planning a Do It Your Self home renovations.

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