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7 Tips For Choosing the Best Exterior House Painter

This article give you tips on how to choose the best exterior house painter

Now that spring and summer are well on their way, many of us want to jump into home projects. As homeowners, something about the warm weather inspires us to get our to-do list accomplished, including hiring a company to paint our homes. With so many painting companies offering services in the Toronto area, it can be hard to know who to trust when painting your home and to choose the best exterior house painter. Many people who aren’t insured to offer subcontracting services and might leave you splashing out more money having to pay someone else to redo their work.

Hire the right company the first time with these seven tips for choosing the best exterior house painter in the Toronto area.

1st Tip For Choosing the Best Exterior House Painter

1. Do Your Research

When you Google “painters in Toronto”, “best exterior house painter“, you’ll be inundated with options. It’s never a good idea to choose the first one you see, as they are likely paying to be on the top of the list but might not be the best fit for you. Surf the web and find a few companies with excellent reviews that are detailed and seem legitimate. No company that has been doing business for a long time will have a perfect score.

But as long as the reviews are detailed and you have a good feeling about the company, you should consider getting a quote from them. You may also consider getting a referral from friends or family for a company they have used and are happy with.

When it comes to your home, any project can be expensive. So we understand people wanting to reduce the cost by hiring someone off Craigslist or Kijiji who will do it for a low price. We always recommend hiring a company with insurance if something goes wrong or someone gets hurt. You have a bit more re-course letting a company into your home, around your valuable possessions, versus someone who posts a cell phone number online for a one-time job.

2nd Tip For Choosing the Best Exterior House Painter

2. Plan Your Budget

Knowing how much you can spend before getting started is always key. Once the quotes roll in, you can determine which company fits within your price range. Some companies offer flexible payment options, which might be ideal for you.

We don’t recommend hiring the most inexpensive contractor because you’ll likely end up with someone who doesn’t have the experience or uses low-quality products. You want to get a high-quality job for the best value, and sometimes that boils down to price. The old adage “you get what you pay for” couldn’t be more true when it comes to painting services.

You could hire someone for the lowest price and end up having to pay more to have the job fixed because the product quality is poor.

3rd Tip For Choosing the Best Exterior House Painter

3. Get Three Quotes

We always recommend getting at least three quotes from painting companies before hiring someone for many reasons.

First, if they offer a free quote, that’s a great sign.

Second, it gives you a chance to meet them in person and see how they interact with you and the level of customer service they provide when they’re not being paid. Getting three quotes can help you determine which company meets your budget and will meet your overall expectations.

It also gives you a chance to ask questions.

4th Tip For Choosing the Best Exterior House Painter

4. Ask Questions

You want to make sure you’re going into a new painting project educated and aware of everything. Along with the questions you may have. Here are some important ones you should have answered between your research and during the free quote.

  • •How long has your company been in business
  • •Do you have insurance? 
  • •Do you provide references if asked?
  • •What are some of the products you use? Do you have more affordable alternatives?
  • •What is included in the total quote cost?
  • •Will I be required to do any clean-up after the exterior paint job?
  • •How long does the job take?
  • •Do you have a warranty or satisfaction guarantee?
  • •Do you hire subcontractors, or do you have full-time employees?
  • •What kind of payment plans do you offer?
5th Tip For Choosing the Best Exterior House Painter

5. Get a Contract

When it comes time to sign a contract, you’ll want to ensure that all of the critical information for the company is included. Ensure their name, business number, phone number, and physical address is on the paperwork. All the details on the contract should be no surprise, as they would have been included in the quote you received. It should also include details of the guarantee they offer or warranty.

Always thoroughly read and understand every contract you receive.

6th Tip For Choosing the Best Exterior House Painter

6. Choose Someone With a Guarantee

When you’re spending a lot of money on your home, you want to ensure you’re getting the best quality and that the best exterior house painter guarantees their work. At Home Painters, we aren’t satisfied until you’re satisfied! We take pride in our work and aim to deliver the highest quality paint job. We only proceed with a job once the contract has been explained thoroughly and has been agreed upon by both parties.

Suppose, for some reason, we’ve made a mistake, or an issue comes up with the paint quality. In that case, we will do everything we can to resolve the issue within the confines of the contract.

7th Tip For Choosing the Best Exterior House Painter

7. Prep Your Home

Once you’re ready to get started and the contract is signed, get your home ready in preparation for your new paint job! You can ask the company you’ve hired what the best thing you can do to prepare for their arrival. Typically moving any plants, furniture and tidying up helps the most.

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At Home Painters Toronto, we tick all the boxes. Not only do we have an impeccable reputation, but we offer flexible payments, and we aim to be the best painting company around. We also guarantee our work, and we’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied. We’re a one-stop shop for everything you need.

If you’re ready to hire Toronto’s best, call us at 416.494.9095 or send an email brian@HomePaintersToronto.com to get your FREE estimate!


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