Vinyl siding is used so often on houses, it can account for about 40% – 70% of the market on average, depending on the area.  But if you are wondering what vinyl siding is exactly – along with its pros and cons, we’ve got you covered!  Vinyl is a synthetic plastic polymer that was created over a century ago.  Today, it is one of the most used materials in the world because of its sturdiness and flame-resistant qualities.

Vinyl, also known as PVC, is commonly used to create pipes or flooring.  When used as siding, it is a low-maintenance option that adds great value to the home.

Painting Vinyl Siding Pros and Cons

Vinyl siding can take 30 years for the natural colour to fade.  But if there are many damaged areas and panels, a homeowner might begin looking at their options long before that.  If the condition of the panels is decent, you may be wondering Can you paint vinyl siding? Choosing to paint is a much more affordable route to take, as a replacement can cost well over $5000 for the average-sized house. Yet the average cost to paint is more like $600 – $3600.  Vinyl siding tends to hold acrylic paint well, often providing the best adhesion.

From there, repainting may not be necessary for a decade.


Some things to think about before taking on this project are, how you would like it to look, how to install vinyl siding, how long you have had the vinyl siding, what condition the siding is in, what your desired budget is, and whether or not you are looking to sell your home.  It is also important to consider the season, and how weather conditions may affect the actual process.

Pros to Painting Vinyl Siding

1. Saves Money

Depending on how large the project is, painting vinyl siding can cost thousands of dollars less than installing new siding.  For many budgets, that makes all the difference.

2. Saves Lots of Time

Installing new siding can take 2-3 weeks, whereas painting can take anywhere from 2-10 days subject to the size of the house.  This modification may be a factor when it comes to the time of year or a home-owners schedule.

3. Fresh New Look

Painting vinyl siding can provide a great fresh, new look.  If the panels are starting to discolour and fade or it is time for a change, painting is a simple way to completely transform the look of your home.  It will hide imperfections and have your panels looking as good as new.

4. An Added Coat of Defence

Because changes in weather can be a constant and continual factor, painting vinyl siding creates an easy way to safeguard against conditions and keep your panels staying in great shape for longer.

5. Adds Value To Your Home

If you are going to sell your home or you notice your vinyl siding is not looking as bright as it once did, the painting option can add instant value to your property.

Pros to Painting Vinyl Siding

Cons to Painting Vinyl Siding

Overall the cons in choosing to paint vinyl siding are not extensive.  But here are four to consider.

Cons to Painting Vinyl Siding Steps

1. New Siding Lasts Much Longer

Installing brand new siding can last for decades without looking super shabby.  Whereas painting your home again every five years on average keeps things looking fresh – though you may not need to paint again for up to ten years, depending on conditions.

2. Panels May Worsen

If there is already extensive wear and tear to the vinyl siding, it will only get worse with time.  Sometimes there is so much damage, so many cracked or broken panels that replacing them or installing new siding is really the best option.

3. The Wrong Colour

Sometimes the vinyl siding colours chosen can have negative effects if they are too dark.  A darker colour may take in more heat and cause vinyl siding panels to alter in smoothness and straightness.

4. May Affect Warranty

If the siding is still within the warranty time, painting it may affect the warranty.  Make sure to refer to the terms and conditions before making any decisions and painting your vinyl siding.

Well, there you have it… the pros and cons of painting vinyl siding versus installing vinyl siding.  Once you decide on your direction, you’re on your way to an instant boost… until gazing at the house exterior can begin to feel overwhelming!  Sometimes it takes multiple helping hands and extra tools to get such a large project done.

But if that is not available to you or realistic, call Home Painters Toronto.  We can answer any questions you may have and provide any services you may need, on time and on budget!

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