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Can You Paint Vinyl Siding?

It comes up time and time again for homeowners. They have to stop and ask themselves this crucial question: Can you paint vinyl siding? It’s one of the most popular questions when it comes to individuals who are looking to do some exterior painting.

paint vinyl siding

When you have vinyl siding versus aluminum siding, there can be a bit of a different thought process involved when it comes to exterior painting. You want to get the right information so things can go smoothly. There’s nothing worse than having to start from scratch again because you didn’t do things effectively the first time around.

So, let’s dig into all of the information involved in painting vinyl siding!

Can you paint it on vinyl?

A lot of people tend to get worried or a bit confused when it comes to vinyl siding. When they’re thinking of exterior painting and doing a refresh, they have to stop and ask themselves — Can you paint on vinyl siding? Luckily, with the right prep and paint, the answer is YES.

Vinyl is different from having aluminum siding. With aluminum, you can paint it just about any colour on the spectrum and it’s going to come through just fine. Vinyl siding is a bit different in the sense that you can paint in any colour that you want, but it can warp overtime with darker hues. So, that’s something to keep in mind when thinking about painting vinyl siding.

What about exterior vinyl window trim?

When it comes to exterior vinyl window trim, this is where you want to give things extra consideration. Since vinyl can be such a delicate material, especially when it comes to surfaces like exterior window trim. You want to be sure to use the right paint.

vinyl painting siding

For exterior vinyl window trims, you’ll want to use a paint that is compatible with vinyl. Because vinyl expands so often, it’s important to use acrylic or latex paint. Acrylic seems to be one of the most common paints used on exterior surfaces. Because of the durability and long lasting results – acrylic or latex paint is a good option for your window trims made of vinyl.

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Things to remember about painting vinyl siding

The truly great thing when you’re thinking about exterior painting and giving your vinyl siding a refresh is that it is way less expensive than actually replacing it. If your siding is in good condition and doesn’t require lots of repair work, painting it is the economical way to go. Plus, it always feels fun to get creative and come up with a brand new colour scheme!

The thing to remember about painting vinyl siding is that it’s all in the paint you choose. Quality paint is a very important factor because you want to do all you can to prevent cracking, fading or peeling over time. Be sure to properly clean off the exterior of your home from any debris and dirt as well. It’s important to start off with a pristine surface to ensure the paint will properly adhere to the vinyl.

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