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Painting the exterior of a house takes lots of planning. Before even thinking about the financial aspect of things, it is best to plan according. What paint do you want to use? What section of the exterior do you want to tackle first? The type of paint that works best? The answers to these questions will bode well for when you start to tackle your next painting job. In addition, the materials your house is made up of, the length of time since your last paint job, and its current condition are all important factors to consider.

Typically, painting the exterior of your house is always a little more expensive than the interior. This is because of a few things: exterior is more dirty than the interior, setting up ladders outside your home is more difficult because of the uneven surface (height is a factor too), and because the weather is so unpredictable, it increases the costs if there is a delay. With all that taken into account, while preparation is vital, so is knowing the costs of such painting jobs. For example, what is the cost to paint vinyl siding?

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Cost Of Painting Vinyl Siding

A lot of people will stop and ask themselves, can you paint vinyl siding. And the answer is yes! The cost to paint vinyl siding is roughly between $600 to $3600. If you base it off of per square foot to coating vinyl, it would be roughly $1.25 to $3. Depending on the material of your exterior, the prices would most likely jump for the finish. Fear not though, vinyl is actually one of the inexpensive siding materials to repaint. This is because of the recent innovations in materials.

Also, don’t forget, you can save yourself money by repainting your vinyl siding, instead of completing changing it altogether. That is why professional painters do not suggest changing your vinyl siding, you should only do so if it is degrading because of improper weather. If you paint rather than replace your vinyl siding, you could potentially save $4 per square foot. That will basically save you half the vinyl siding installation cost.

Best Paint For Vinyl Siding

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The best paint for vinyl is 100% acrylic paint, especially when painting siding. It provides top notch adhesion because it sticks to the vinyl easier, while having long lasting results. Also, it is an easy and affordable way to give the exterior of your home a boost. Curb appeal is important when the public passes by your home. When your home has a refreshed look, people will notice. If the paint you choose is darker than your current vinyl, you do not need to use a primer. Oppositely, if the paint you choose is not dark, a surface primer is recommended for good results. Lastly, painting your vinyl can help protect it when the weather conditions get harsh.

Using Acrylic Paint

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Paints that are specifically meant for vinyl are 100 percent acrylic-based or use urethane. For paint companies, they label it as exterior paint. In terms of vinyl siding, color is an important decision to make because darker colors absorb more heat than lighter shades. In addition, vinyl siding expands with temperature. This means that the added pressure of heat causes the paint to peel off at a quick rate. Using an exterior window paint in a lighter shade can prevent the paint from peeling off.

What To Do Before Painting Vinyl Siding

Like everything else you want to achieve in your life, preparation is vital. It is the same thing when it comes to painting. If your surface is dirty, the paint will not stick. Make sure your vinyl is clean before you apply paint. To make sure it is clean, you can use soap with water and rinse well. When the vinyl surface is clean, the primer and paint will stick, unlike it would if the surface is filled with dirt. This will make sure that your vinyl is not only clean, but will last a long time.

Exterior House Painting Toronto

Exterior house painting in Toronto will approximately cost you $2 to $4 per square foot. This is a close estimation, as this cost depends on various factors. One of them being that this cost is in correlation to hiring professional contractors to paint the exterior of your house. They could be professional painters from Toronto, or across the province. Of course, every house will have different estimations because size matters.

Vinyl Siding Cost

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As mentioned previously, the cost to paint vinyl siding is roughly between $600 to $3600. If you base it off of per square foot to coating vinyl, it would be roughly $1.25 to $3. Although seeing these numbers might alarm you, you shouldn’t be because vinyl siding is designed to last you for a long period of time. Unfortunately, even with this fact, it can potentially be damaged due to exterior surfaces getting dirty from inclement weather situations.

Don’t worry though, because all good things sometimes come to end, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fix it. Repainting your vinyl siding is a much easier fix than completely changing it. Keep in mind when painting vinyl siding, you should aim to use the same paint color as before or a lighter shade because dark colors are extremely sensitive to changes in temperature. Obtaining a quality exterior paint for this job is vital, so that your curb appeal is at a high.

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