Television and Media Appearances

Home Painters has earned the privilege to work with some of the most renown businesses and programs in the home renovation industry. Among our television and media appearances are Holmes on Homes, Financial Times and many more! We hope that by reaching out to other professionals we can spread the word and recognition of our company, making sure you know your home project is in good hands with us at Home Painters.


Financial Times

With an impressive absolute growth rate of 66.7%, Home Painters Toronto has been included in the Financial Times’s list for Fastest Growing Companies of 2020. Being one of five Canadian construction companies mentioned in the list, Home Painters Toronto proves the quality and popularity of its services through its exponential growth between 2015 and 2018.

The prestige and privilege of being mentioned in this list is demonstrated in its rigorous and complex screening process that observed a wide variety of applicants. The application process ran from October 2019 to January 2020 and required applicants to meet specific criteria. The criteria included a certain revenue threshold spanning from 2015 to 2018, a minimum compound annual growth rate of 18.2%, a primarily organic source of income, and complete company independence. Additionally, the data collected from each company was screened by the German statistics company, Statista. Home Painters Toronto secured a spot on this list while being amongst hundreds of applicants from over 15 countries.
So why is this rapid growth rate important? Well, for one, it demonstrates that we are distinguished from other construction companies in the Greater Toronto Area and even Canada. In the past few years, our unique ability to paint homeowner’s dreams has allowed us to interact with a greater number of individuals, while creating memorable experiences for thousands of families. All our clients have something in common: they’re looking for the best service and value for their money, as well for their property.

Moreover, our consistent track record has verified the reliability of our services and enabled our rapid growth. Canadian families don’t have to take our word; they can trust each other with the over 1,000+ Home Painters’ online reviews and counting

HGTV’s Custom Built with Paul LaFrance

HGTV and BrianHome Painters was the exclusive painting contractor for the second season of HGTV’s Custom Built, a new home renovation show hosted by builder and designer, Paul Lafrance. As the creator, owner, and CEO of Paul Lafrance Design, our company was initially drawn to Paul’s creatively modern vision. We were thrilled to join him and many other professionals in transforming everything from beautiful kitchens, to spacious offices, and even to an elegant bar. Home Painters was particularly excited to be a part of creating one-of-a-kind spaces that fit in perfectly with the show’s title. Any true, custom built area needs a custom paint job! Paul’s glowing endorsement of Home Painters Toronto!

HGTV’s Holmes on Homes

Holmes on Brian


For our first television & media appearance, Home Painters has had the fortunate experience of working with Mike Holmes on his HGTV program, Holmes on Homes. Dating back to the second season of the series, we worked very closely with the network to make the show entertaining and successful. Like many of our clients, we are big fans of the program and the host. We 100% commit to Mike Holmes’ motto that “if you’re going to do something, do it right the first time,” and we work hard to exemplify this in all of the projects we undertake. We also participated in his Holmes Referred program (while it was still operational), as a referred painting contractor by the brand.

House & Home Magazine

Home Painters has worked on several projects with House & Home magazine, helping to create the beautiful display rooms they have become known for showcasing. One project we participated in was the renovation of a young boy’s bedroom by painting the walls to add a two-tone colour effect. Projects like this are Home Painters’ bread & butter; we love to make our customers’ dreams come true, and that includes creating a magical, safe space for their children’s creativity and imagination to flourish.

Boy’s Bedroom Transformed By Home Painters

City TV’s Breakfast Television 48 Hour Makeover

Breakfast TV with BrianWe’re proud to say that Home Painters has had an impact over local television media right here in the GTA. Home Painters participated in City TV’s Breakfast Television 48 Hour Makeover three times last year. Every project we participated in was fun and exciting from start to finish. The time deadlines were the biggest challenges for us, since as a team of experienced Toronto contractors, projects like this can sometime last weeks. Here, however, we had to complete them all in two days or less! It made for some very dramatic sprints to the finish line.

Home Painters in action at City TV’s Breakfast TV’s 48 Hour Makeover with The Home Depot!

The Marilyn Denis Show

Marilyn n BrianHome Painters had the privilege of working on two makeovers with The Marilyn Denis Show. The first was an interior townhouse painting job. We worked tirelessly around the clock to get the job done, as we only had two days to repaint the entire interior. It was particularly rewarding to work with the Marilyn Denis crew as they gave us free reign of the place to ensure an incredible outcome. The move-in reveal was also great, as we got to see the homeowners’ amazing reaction to her dream home reality.


Home Painters at work on the Marilyn Denis Show

Marylin n Brian Part 2Home Painters’ second television & media appearance on The Marilyn Denis Show involved an exterior backyard makeover. Fortunately, the weather cooperated, allowing us to go in and stain a fence and deck in less than a day-and-a-half and in some immaculate colours. The makeover reveal was stupendous, and the homeowners were floored at the fact that their once unfinished backyard was transformed into a beautiful oasis. Once again, working with the helpful and supportive Marilyn Denis TV crew was fulfilling and gratifying, making it all worthwhile. It also blew my mind when I realized what could be achieved in less than 48 hours when everyone works together as a team!