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✓ Avoid trying to Do-It-Yourself risking your walls and exhausting yourself

✓ Get your wall ready to paint or even have it done by professional painters

✓ Skip the tedious prepping and cleaning

✓ Enjoy a fresh and modern look in your home again!

✓ Get a LIFETIME Warranty for all Interior jobs

Wallpaper removal is one of the most complicated jobs to get it looking right with a professional finish. In addition to that, it can be a very time-consuming process without experience. Time and time again, wallpaper removal projects end up being a nightmare for homeowners.

Our painters have been in the industry for over 30 years, removing all kinds of wallpaper. Rest assured, you’ve found the best to do it for you!

Wallpaper Removal

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Just imagine this: your wallpaper removal project completed next week. Finally! 

A lot of our clients ask us if it’s worth hiring someone to do the wallpaper removal. We say 100% yes. Why? Besides being one of the most time-consuming painting related tasks, we’ve found that it can also be quite frustrating if done with little experience. And we don’t need more frustration in our lives right now 🙂

Over the past 30 years, Home Painters Toronto has helped innumerable homeowners remove their wallpaper and get the walls painted or simply installed a new updated version. You will find yourself so satisfied after your wallpaper removal is done — it will even improve your mood and boost your energy!

Before and after of a wallpaper removal project in toronto, painted white after
Before and after of a wallpaper removal project in toronto, painted white after
Before and after of a wallpaper removal project in toronto, painted white after

Rest assured; you are in good hands

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The cost of removing wallpaper

Per Square Foot
$3-$5 +HSTper square foot
Job Size Starts at:
$1495+HSTMin job size charge

Includes labour and materials

Prices may vary depending on:

– Square footage of wallpaper to be removed.
– Plaster walls vs Drywall walls.
– How long ago was the wallpaper installed.
– Amount of furniture to be moved.
– Flexibility to start the project.
– Price will drop if you bundle the painting with us.

Tips to save:

The larger the project we can provide a better price per square foot. Our job size starts at $1495+hst (2-3 rooms).

We can also improve our prices per square foot when you add in the professional painting with us!

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