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Live in a home you take pride in and enjoy the environment within it. Home Painters Toronto strives to give you the space you love by providing professional painting, carpentry and handyman services.

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1. Are you unsure if you should hire painters for YOUR house in the first place?

When you hire house painters to come in and doing your interior painting, the time frame usually varies with each project. There are always variables that can affect the length and any delays in the interior painting work.

  1. If you have lots of furniture for the house painters to move, that can slow the process down.
  2. Perhaps there is lots of repair work to do on the walls prior to interior painting.
  3. All of that includes sanding, filling and caulking work. Then comes having to sand everything down again so the interior walls are super smooth.
  4. Or if it’s a brand new house that you’re bringing the house painters into, that can require a fair amount of work on the drywall for the house painters as well.
  5. How many rooms you want painted vs if you need the entire house painted. Including doors, trims, baseboards and ceilings.
  6. Also, you may want to think about the type of painting company you hire in terms of how many interior painters they have available. If you need rushed painting services, it can be very helpful to bring in a crew of 2 – 4 house painters to complete your interior painting.
HPT Painter

2. Will it pay off to hire house painters or can you do it yourself and get the same results?

This is the question that comes to mind for so many people when they’re thinking about doing some house painting. They’re not sure if it’s worth the time or money. So, we just wanted to clarify some things for you if you’re thinking of hiring home painting services.

  1. Do you have a busy and hectic schedule? If you find yourself always low on time, especially when it comes to interior painting projects, hiring local interior painters might be just the thing for you. They come in and do all the home interior painting for you!
  2. Do you admire expert interior painters who know what they’re doing? If you appreciate and see the value behind experienced interior house painters, it is totally worth it to hire a painting company. Interior painters have the most professional and best painting techniques. They also use quality interior house paint for every job.
  3. Do you have the budget to incorporate interior painters costs? If you’ve been thinking about your interior painting project for a while and have saved up some extra cash, it’s likely you’ve put a budget into place. Sure, it costs a little more to hire interior house painters, but it can be well worth it in the end. And if you plan ahead, you’ll find yourself saving time and money!
  4. If you know exactly what you want and can communicate that. Hiring professional painters to complete your home interior painting is a great idea if you know exactly what you want. Also, if you know how to communicate your interior paint colour expectations desires. As well as setting up walk-throughs and giving feedback.
  5. Do you have realistic expectations? If you’re someone who has realistic expectations of timing, interior painters cost and painting inspiration and execution, hiring a painting company could be the ideal choice for you.
Painters putting drop sheets for protection

3. Local Toronto Painters Search Hacks

  1. There are two ways to start your search. Online is more convenient while traditional phone or referrals continue to be decent options.
  2. When doing an online search it’s important to consider reviews from real user communities. HomeStars is one such site that features reviews from users who have used a certain company’s painting services in Toronto and the GTA. It also features a 10 point rating system to grade excellent or poor services done.
  3. It’s very important to read good reviews about each painting contractor you’re interested in, though you should never forget to take note of any bad remarks or complaints you come across.
  4. A traditional search can be more tedious, but it also produces good results. You can ask neighbours or nearby friends who their go-to company is for any painting needs you may have. If at all possible, ask when the service happened and pay particular attention to the most recent job. If you’re planning for a project this year, try to look for house painting services neighbours have hired in the current year to compare.
  5. Referrals work best if the household you’re asking has experienced a certain company’s service firsthand because that allows you to get a clear picture of how a Toronto painting contractor works before hiring them. Not to mention that you get unadulterated comments unlike the sometimes bloated information in online reviews.
  6. No matter which method you choose, both give good results.
Exterior Painting Worker

Client Testimonials

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Exterior Brick and House Painting
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Interior Painting
Play Video about Client Testimonial
Exterior Brick Painting
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Interior Painting and Plastering

At the end, is it worth it to hire painters for Houses?

it will all depend on how much time and effort you want to put on your project but also on how much experience you have to get the finish you’re looking for.

If you prefer to have a result that you’ll be 100% proud of and will be finished on time and on budget, then you might want to consider a professional house painters to do it for you

Our Interior House Painting Process
Interior Painting During Drop Sheets and Protections
Painters putting drop sheets for protection
drop sheets on furniture, prep for painting

Drop Sheets / Plastic

step #1

Exterior Caulking
Stucco Ceiling Painting
Wall Sanding

Prep – Fill, Sand,
Caulk, Prime

step #2

Interior Painting scaled
Interior Painting


step #3

Our Exterior House Painting Process
Cleaning Deck With Pressure Washer

Clean/wash applicable areas where needed

step #1

Painter prepping doors for painting

Scrape flaking paint areas

step #2

Painter Sanding Exterior Wood
Sanding A Door by Home Painters Toronto

Sand damaged areas

step #3

Exterior Brick Staining Painters Working on Ladders
Exterior Painting Door Trim

Prime and paint areas where applicable

step #4



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– We are open 7 days a week
– We offer ‘same day pricing’ estimates
– We can schedule house painters for your project within 1-2 business days or sooner
– Moreover, we also offer ‘one or two day’ painting services

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Payment Flexibility

– We offer no interest payment plans
– Also, we offer ‘no fee’ credit card payments
– Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, E-transfers, Cheque, or Cash

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1 stop shop

– We are a full-service painting company
Professional painting, carpentry and handyman services
– We offer specialty niche painting services such as professional kitchen and vanity cabinet spraying, exterior brick staining, faux painting, and much more!

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– 36 years of proven industry experience
1200+ raving online reviews
– 17,000+ satisfied clients
– #1 rated painter on HomeStars, winner 8 times and 6 years in a row!

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– The best warranties in the industry:
“A Lifetime Warranty on Interior Painting”
– 3 year warranty on exterior painting
-15 year warranty on brick staining
– 5 year warranty on cabinet spraying
– 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Popcorn Ceiling Flattening
Home Painters Toronto
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Kitchen Cabinet SPRAYING AND Painting
Home Painters Toronto

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