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Drywall installations and repairs are a crucial step in most home renovation projects, most especially painting. Home Painters Toronto has a team of drywall installation experts and tapers who can take you through the entire process from installation and drywall repairs to painting your walls your dream color! It all begins with a drywall that is safely and expertly installed and repaired using only the best materials available.

Drywall Painting, Installations and Repair in Toronto
Professional Painting Contractor and Painter in the GTA

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Frequently asked questions when it comes to
Drywall Installation and Repairs

1. Does it pay to have a professional painting company also do my drywall installation as well?

We definitely think so! A good portion of our painting projects require drywall installation and repairs prior to beginning the painting process anyway. Rather than hiring a totally separate crew for installing drywall, it’s way more convenient and cost efficient to have our in-house professionals come in and start with the drywall installation and repair. We’re practically a 2-in-1 service provider!

My drywall is in need of repair. Can you help me with that?

Yes, absolutely. Home Painters has a team of trained professionals who specialize in drywall repair. Whether there’s water damage or holes to patch or you need new drywall installation altogether, our seasoned team of drywall installers and tapers possess the patience and skills to help make your home look brand new again!

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2. How much does drywall repair and installation cost?

Important to notice, although we will provide a breakdown of the costs, drywall installation and repair at Home Painters starts at $1,795 + HST for a minimum job size. So what can you do if you have a smaller project? Well, consider bundling other painting, carpentry or handyman services to grow your project and get a better price.
Approximate prices for drywall repair
• Small to medium job size: $1,800 to $2,500 + HST
• Medium to large job size: $2,500 to $4,000 + HST
• Large to XL job size: $4,000 to $10,000+ + HST
Approximate completion times for drywall repair
• Small to medium job size: 3 to 5 business days
• Medium to large job size: 4 to 6 business days
• Large to XL job size:  6 to 8 business days

***Or if you are in a rush, inquire about our 1 or 2 day painting services.***


What could affect the price of drywall repair and installation?

• Difficulty to reach (strange corners that require special machinery to get to).

• How soon you want it done, and how fast you need it done. Consider that if you’re in a rush and your painting company has a busy week they might need to pay for extra hours or even move or cancel a job, and that could increase the price.

• Tied to the previous point, if you have a flexible schedule you can take advantage of a low season like the end of winter or the end of summer to get it done probably at a better rate.

• The size of the job. The more work you give to your painting company, the lower the per-unit cost. How does this make sense? Well, some materials are cheaper by volume but also, moving around less or spending more time at one job decreases all the logistics and prep work.

• Number of colours: if you can keep it to 5 colours or under, you will not see a price increase. The reason? there’s less difficulty to do the job and less paint or stain waste.

• Different types of paint can increase the cost. We use high-quality Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paint so you can rest assured you’re well covered. Nevertheless, if you want something very specific or ultra-premium that can potentially increase the price.

• Payment terms (i.e. Visa vs e-transfer). A lot of clients like to use their credit cards for many reasons, however, these payments come with a  fee that increases the overall price.

• The amount of preparation involved. (i.e. isolating to avoid painting undesired areas, removing plants, covering and taping). We normally don’t move your furniture and personal belongings so if you need help with that we can do it but it will add more time to the process and will increase the bill. (TIP: we can help on the spot to move some really large furniture, so don’t get hurt trying to do that and as long as it’s a fast move we’ll just do it for you!)

• Heights: we need to bring scaffolding and assembling and disassembling will add time, thus increasing the price

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***If you want to know the exact price to paint your home we would recommend getting a FREE Estimate.
Click here to fill the form or text/call at 416 494 9095.***

3. Will you include the paint, materials and labour?

Yes, we include up to 5 colours of paint, also all the materials to protect and prepare the walls as well as labour are included.

4. Do I have to move my own furniture before the painters come?

Usually yes, painters can do it for you but that will add on the hours of your project and it will increase your overall estimate. But!, if there’s any oversized furniture that you cannot move on your own, it’s normally ok to ask them to give you a hand to move it a bit to allow them to paint.

Painters Drywall Repair and Plastering

5. How long will my project take?

Most jobs will take 2 and 5 days. But if your in a rush, inquire about our 1 or 2 day painting services.

6. How do I pick my colours?

We can suggest some of the most popular colours to get  you started from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. If you really need help, one of our experts can come to help you pick colours.

7. Who will you be sending to do my project?

The project will be completed by our in-house painters, who are all experienced and professionally trained (and not subcontractors).


What to do now that you are ready for drywall installations and repairs? (Step by Step):

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Once you decide you need drywall installation or repairs, give us a call or send us an email and we will be quick to answer or get back to you.
Our drywall hanging installation & repair expert will arrive on time and deliver you a free on-site quote
Once the job is booked, we will arrange a date for your project to start, confirm details & arrange a deposit and payment schedule that works for you.



On the first day of the job, we will review the scope with you once more to make sure we understand your needs. Then, we’ll get to work right away!
Since drywall and plastering takes time to dry, these projects can sometimes take many days. If this is the case, we’ll map out a schedule.
Once we get started, we will prepare the rooms by covering any furniture and floors with drop sheets. Our team will also clean up the job site as we go to ensure a clean, safe and comfortable dwelling for you while we fix things up!



After 33 years of being in the construction industry, drywall installation and repairs are truly a natural part of the painting and decorating process for us.
Due to our years of experience, we have developed a proven formula that guarantees our success every time!
Over the course of the job, we will provide regular updates either in-person or through text or email.

Step Four Quality Check


Once we have completed the project, we will do a walk-through with you (if you are there). If not, we will follow-up with you to ensure that everything is to your liking.
Remember, we do not consider the job complete until you have thoroughly checked it out and are satisfied. We are not happy until you are!
We are so confident that we can deliver that we offer a “lifetime warranty” on all of our interior services. This is something that has never been offered before in the history of the painting industry!


Customer Testimonials for Drywall Projects

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– Moreover, we also offer ‘one or two day’ painting services

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– The best warranties in the industry:
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– 3 year warranty on exterior painting
-15 year warranty on brick staining
– 5 year warranty on cabinet spraying
– 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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