7 Tips on Getting a Cheaper Price From Your Painter

Seeking a House Painting Quote in Toronto – As a full service house painting contractor in Toronto for the past 25 years, we know there are many things that affect a painting price quotation. I have spoken to 10’s of thousands of clients and can tell you there are definitely ways to get a cheaper painting estimate quote from your house painting contractor in Toronto and the GTA. I’ll share some tips on what to say or ask your painter if you are trying to get a painting cost estimate.

1. Time and Flexibility

Time and Flexibility for Better Painting Etimate

Time and Flexibility for a Better Painting Etimate

  • If you don’t have a deadline for painting your property, tell your painter you are flexible to when the project gets done.

  • During the winter, slow season , your painter may not charge you as much as they would in their peak busy season.

  • Sometimes they have lapses or last minute cancellations and need to fill a spot in their schedule.

  • If you give time flexibility to your painter or contractor, there is a good chance they may give you a bit of price break in return and so you will have a cheaper home painting quote.

2. For interior painting quote, have your house EMPTY

Empty House Better Painting Cost Estimate

Empty your house before painting it

  • One of the biggest time wasters for painters is moving the furniture and preparing the rooms prior to painting the property. So if your house is completely empty, you more than likely will get a cheaper quoting price than if it is full of furniture.

  • The other option is if you are living there, offer to move all or most of the furniture.  This will almost always get you a cheaper cost estimate. Especially if there are a lot of articles, most painters will build this into the price of their quote and charge you more. So next time you get a quote from your painter, ask them if you will get a cheaper painting quote if you move all your own furniture.

[toggle_item title=”Moving furniture ” active=”true”]This can involve taking off the window coverings, emptying all the closets, shelves, removing any light plates and electrical outlet sockets, and putting everything in the middle of the room away from the walls, trim, and doors.[/toggle_item]


3. As long As it’s a Top Quality, Let the Painter Choose the Brands

Paint Brands and Painting Contractors

Choose Painting Contractor and Best Paint Brands

  • Some painting contractors get better discounts from different paint manufacturers. Now this doesn’t always mean you are getting a cheaper paint, it just means that one supplier may have worked out a better volume discount than another. Next time you’re getting a quote, ask your painter what brand they prefer. If it’s a top quality paint brand, then tell them it’s okay as long as you use their better grade of paint.

  • If you happen to have prior colours picked from a paint manufacturer, then most paint manufacturers can colour-match them with close to 100% accuracy.


4. Make your payment terms flexible.

Also, cheques are always better than credit cards

Flexible Payment options for better house painting quote

Flexible Payment options help you getting a better house painting quote

  • Most reliable and reputable painters will offer you payment terms; Visa, MasterCard, Amex, or even postdated cheques. Ask them if you pay by cheques, will this affect the house painting prices?

  • Deposits show that you are serious about them doing the project. Anywhere from10-25% is a reasonable deposit amount. Offer them a deposit since it shows your commitment to using them.


5. Get Multiple Painting Quotes.

OR tell them you will get other quotes unless you get a discounted, cheaper Cost Estimate

  • Try different Painting Companies for your Quot

    Try different Painting Companies to get Multiple house painting quotes

    It is usually wise to get 1 or 2 other painting estimates (Some of the painting contractors offer you a free Online cost estimate for painting your house) when painting your house. This is especially true if you have never hired a painter before. This is a common practice.  Of course, when you get the others’ painting quote, make sure they have all the necessary credentials, and qualifications so you are comparing apples with apples.

  • What if you don’t want to go to the hassle of other quotes? If you can’t be bothered getting other property painting quotes and feel comfortable with your painter and it’s just a matter of getting a discount, ask them if you sign today and forego getting other painting estimates, if they would be willing to offer you some sort of a discount.  Sometimes they will give it to you.

  • This is a common tactic clients use to get lower prices for painting their houses, and it will almost always work. But it’s very important to not just say you are going to get referrals for them… Actually go out and do it! Ask your neighbours, friends, family etc. Most painters in Toronto will give you a reduced referral fee or lower your quoting price depending on the size of the referred job.

6. Painting MORE is better.

  • Did you ever notice that when you go to buy popcorn at a movie theatre they only charge $1 or so more, but give you more than 30% more popcorn?  The reason why is because of economies of scale.  The cost for the popcorn is minimal.  Its the transaction and set up fee that takes all the time and cost.   Hence, it takes almost the same amount of time and labour to serve an extra large popcorn as a small or medium size popcorn.


  • With painting it is quite similar.  To paint 1 more wall or 1 more room once all our material and set up time has been done, is quite minimal.


  • Lesson?  Always try to package more items in the painting deal than less.  You would be surprised at how little an extra wall or room costs once we are already there with all our supplies out and the room is all set up for painting.   Painting more areas can cost just marginally a bit more in some cases!


7. When all else fails, politely beg!

Brian Young and one Of clients

  • I’m serious about this one. Most painters are normal people trying to make ends meet too. Just tell them that you want the best value for your money, you like them, but you really need a better price in order for you to go ahead with this project. A polite, “If you please give me a better painting quote, I will be happy to give you my business today” will many times work. Again, the key here is to be polite, and a little insistent that you want a better cost estimate for painting your home. As simple as this sounds, many times you will get what you ask for.

  • Remember the key to any of these tricks is to be polite, courteous, and to ASK. There is never anything wrong with asking. Most home painters will be happy to try to help you in any way they can, some more than others. But more importantly than just painting price, make sure you choose the painter and contractor you feel most comfortable with and who you believe will do the best job for you. Regardless of the price, it makes no sense to pay anyone anything to do a job that you are not satisfied with, or one that is of inferior quality.

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Thanks for your time and I look forward to giving you a Free Painting Quote; and seeing you try these tips and tricks on me!

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