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7 Tips on Getting a Cheaper Price From Your Painter

A fresh paint job not only increases the curb appeal of your home, but it can also make you a happier homeowner. A new, updated look can help you fall in love with your home again while helping to protect it and keep your walls in their best condition.

Getting a cheaper painting quote can be a scary and exciting thing. Getting a hefty price to get the job done in only one of those two. At Home Painters Toronto, we have come to the conclusion that not one house is the same and there are several things that can affect the price.

Your home requires a new coat of paint every five to seven years, approximately. If you are starting to find blistering, peeling or chalking, you’ve likely waited a little too long, and you will need an extra coat of paint, or damage repair, which can add to your budgeted costs.

We will share some tips on what to say or ask your painter if you are trying to get a painting cost estimate.

Getting a cheaper price from your painter

What to Do to Lower The Cost of Your Painting Quote?

As a homeowner, you want to save costs where you can but not skimp on quality. Home improvements add significant value to your home, but you don’t want to overpay a contractor. When trying to get the best bang for your buck, here are some tips:

1. Time and Flexibility

•If you can be a bit flexible with your schedule, you’ll avoid paying premiums for rush services.


•Slower seasons like winter or early spring can lead to discounted prices from the best companies, as they’re not in high demand.

•If you have some flexibility, you might be able to snag a cancellation spot at a discounted price.


•There is a good chance they may give you a bit of a price break in return, and so you will have a cheaper painting quote.

Time and Flexibility

2. For interior painting quote, have your house EMPTY

• One of the biggest time wasters for painters is moving the furniture and preparing the rooms prior to painting the property. So if your house is completely empty, you more than likely will get a cheaper painting quote price than if it is full of furniture.

• The other option is if you are living there, offer to move all or most of the furniture. This will almost always get you a cheaper cost estimate. Especially if there are many articles, most painters will build this into their quote price and charge you more.

• So next time you get a painting quote from your painter, ask them if you will get a cheaper painting quote if you move all your furniture.

For interior painting quote

3. As Long As it’s a Top Quality, Let the Painter Choose the Brands

Some tips on cheaper quote for painting contractors get better discounts from different paint manufacturers. This doesn’t always mean you are getting a cheaper paint. Because It just means that one supplier may have worked out a better volume discount than another.

So next time you’re getting a quote, ask your painter what brand they prefer. If it’s a top-quality paint brand, then tell them it’s okay as long as you use their better grade of paint.

• If you happen to have prior colours picked from a paint manufacturer, then most paint manufacturers can color-match them with close to 100% accuracy.

Top quality

4. Make your payment terms flexible.

• Most reliable and reputable painters will offer you payment terms. For example, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, or even postdated cheques. Ask them if you pay by cheques, will this affect the house painting prices?

• Deposits show that you are serious about them doing the project. In addition, anywhere from10-25% is a reasonable deposit amount. Offer them a deposit since it shows your commitment to using them.


5. Get Multiple Painting Quotes.

It is usually wise to get 1 or 2 other painting estimates (Some of the painting contractors offer you a free Online cost estimate for painting your house). When painting your home so you can pick the cheaper painting quote. This is especially true if you have never hired a painter before. This is a common practice. Of course, when you get the others’ painting quotes, make sure they have all the necessary credentials and qualifications.

There is also a cost estimator you can seek help online and usually gives you what you are looking for.

How to estimate a paint job calculator? Estimating the cost for any home improvement job can be tricky, unless you get a solid quote with the tips above. The size of your home, the cost of materials, and labour all contribute to the cost of a paint job. 

What if you don’t want to go to the hassle of other quotes? If you can’t be bothered getting other property painting quotes. Feel comfortable with your painter and it’s just a matter of getting a discount.

Ask them if you sign today and forego getting other painting estimates if they would be willing to offer you some sort of a discount. In instances sometimes they will give it to you.

• This is a typical tactic clients use to get lower prices for painting their houses, and it will almost always work. But it’s essential not just to say you are going to get referrals for them. Please go out and do it! For example, ask your neighbours, friends, family etc.

Most painters in Toronto will give you a reduced referral fee or lower your quoting price depending on the referred job’s size.

Multiple Painting Quotes

6. Painting MORE is better.

• Did you ever notice that when you buy popcorn at a movie theatre? They only charge $1 or more but give you more than 30% more popcorn? Because the reason why is economies of scale. The cost of the popcorn is minimal.

It’s the transaction and set up fee that takes all the time and cost. Hence, it takes almost the same amount of time and labour to serve an extra-large popcorn as small or medium-size popcorn.

• With painting it is quite similar.  Because to paint 1 more wall or 1 more room once all our material and set up time has been done, is quite minimal.

Lesson? Always try to pack more items in the painting deal than less. You would be surprised at how little an extra wall or room costs once we are already there with all our supplies out and the room is all set up for painting. Painting more areas can cost just marginally a bit more in some cases in addition!

Painting more is better

7. When all else fails, politely beg!

• Some painters are ordinary people trying to make ends meet too. Just tell them that you want the best value for your money, you like them. But you need a better price to go ahead with this project. Again, the key here is to be polite and a little insistent that you want a better cost estimate for painting your home. As simple as this sounds, many times, you will get what you wish.


• Remember, the key to any of these tricks is to be polite, courteous, and to ASK. There is never anything wrong with asking. In fact, most home painters will be happy to try to help you in any way they can, some more than others. In short, regardless of the price, it makes no sense to pay anyone anything to do a job that you are not satisfied with or one that is of inferior quality.

Politely Beg



Most importantly if a painter demands you pay them the entire sum beforehand, then find another company. Depending on which payment method you choose, cash and cheques will be upfront for the first deposit.


Each painting company will have different policies in place for job deposits. Many companies require a deposit to book you into their calendars to ensure they get paid for their work. Some companies prefer full payment after the job is done. Talk to the company you want to hire and discuss their policies. Only give reputable businesses whom you have met and gotten a quote from a deposit to avoid being scammed.


In Toronto and the GTA, the price of home painting ranges from $2 to $3 per square foot plus HST. For a small to medium-sized home, it can cost between $3,000 and $5,000 plus HST. If you have a large or extra-large home, you’re looking at around $5,000 to $10,000 plus HST or more. If you’re looking for the highest quality products, damage repair, or premium paint services, we recommend getting a quote by a professional.



As a homeowner who takes pride in their property, you want your home to look its very best at all times. However, sometimes you don’t have the budget for all the changes you’d like to make. A blend of affordability and high quality workmanship can be achieved. Cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better and could end up costing you more in the long run.

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