Preparing Your Home For Sale – Creating Curb Appeal

Creating curb appeal on a budget – Here’s what many real estate agents will tell you…


Most real estate agents will agree that the easiest way to add value to your house before selling is to declutter your house, and cleaning it up.   Now whats the fastest, cost efficient way to clean and freshen up your house and adds curb appeal?   Without a doubt house painting is the quickest ways to add a huge bang for your buck.   Furthermore, by home painting, you will be forced to declutter and throw out junk that you have been accumulating over the years as well.   Hence, you are accomplishing both tasks that the real estate agents will ask you to do prior to putting your home for sale on the market.   In as little as a few days you can brighten up your house with a new coat of paint. It is the most cost-effective way to update your house and make it presentable to buyers. When the house is clean and the walls are freshly painted, your home buyers will immediately feel the house is ready to be moved into.

Here are some tips on how to paint your house and improve your curb appeal:


  • You should avoid dark walls since they rob your room of light. They also make your room appear smaller.   Having it look bright and open are the keys elements appealing to a new buyer and really improves your house curb appeal.
  • Parents sometimes get very creative with their choice of paint colours and borders for the children’s rooms. These rooms can be intrusive and sometimes even offensive to some soon to be buyers.  In fact, the more specific you are, make things worse.  Try to keep things as neutral and generic as possible.
  • As much as wallpaper may have seemed appealing to you at one time, its seen as a big turn off to most home buyers. Wallpaper is perceived as old, specific and sometimes even dirty. Besides a bad first impression, buyers see it as extra work they will have to do to take it down.
  • If you have smokers in the house or a lot of strong odours from smoke, pets, or cooking, then paint your ceilings.   If your house is old and has never been painted in a while, or if you have a heavy smoker in the house, chances are that the ceilings are yellowed.  To test this, take a piece of white paper and put it against the ceiling. The colour contrast may actually disgust you! Painting the ceilings will make things more bright, open, and clean to buyers.

Color Your Home for Curb Appeal


  • For colour selection, it’s a good idea to paint your halls, living room, dining room, family room the same colour. It will flow better and makes your house seem larger. Pick a warm tone such as cream, beige with some mild earth tones on it.   A common colour I’ve used from Benjamin Moore is CC110 Muslin for the walls, and CC40 Cloud White for the trim and doors.   These colours will go well with most furniture. This is your primary colour for the main areas.  Feel free to email me at and I’ll be happy to consult you on colour or creating curb appeal for free.
  • Other colours variations are okay but try to pick different shades from those neutral colours you used in the main areas.   And again, be careful to not pick a colour that’s too dark as it will close in the room and make it look like a dungeon and will hurt your home curb appeal.
  • No budget to paint the entire house?  No problem, think about inexpensive curb appeal projects, but first impressions count.  So start with painting the hallways first.   Then in order, paint the kitchen, bathrooms, family, living, dining next.   Last priority, are the bedrooms, laundry room, basement, closets.
  • Paint your ceiling white. This will brighten any room. You can rent a power paint sprayer from a tool rental shop. It’s much quicker than a roller and it paints your ceiling more consistently.

Summary of creating curb appeal on a budget

I hope my tips have helped you stage your house for selling.   If you aren’t a house painting expert, don’t hesitate to email is at for a free curb appeal improvement consultation, curb appeal ideas and house painting quote.  Your house will look great and you should be able to sell it for more money, thus easily recouping the added expense.

At Home Painters Toronto we won’t just paint your house.   We will also fix any wall damages, patch any major holes, drywall repair or replacing where needed.  We are a full service painting contractor in Toronto and GTA, and will be happy to help you, improve your house curb appeal and stage your house ready to be sold for future home buyers.

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