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When it comes to any project, whether it be for school or for work, every individual has a specific way they get their work done. The same goes for painting jobs! Each painter has different methods and secrets to how they deliver successful projects. Professional painters are good at their job because not only are they efficient, but their preparation is top-tier. They produce fast-results, without comprising the finished product. While most house painters have different techniques and painting tips, the only thing that matters is how the project turns out. Keep reading if you want some top painting tips! 

How to paint using a brush 

Sandpaper is your best friend 

• Before even thinking about interior painting or choosing a specific colour, the surface has to be smooth. Without a perfectly smooth surface, there is no point of painting because your walls will not look good in the end. Sanding your walls would guarantee to remove rough spots in your trims and burrs.


• To sand effectively, start from the baseboard to the ceiling. You will need sand paper (of course) and a sanding pole. Sand horizontally along the baseboard and ceiling. Gently sand the wall, so that you do not damage the wall. Then, use a sanding sponge to get into the crevices. All this to say that sanding your walls is extremely important to the overall success of your painting job.

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Buy quality supplies 

• All painting tips you receive will be helpful, but the best one is probably to buy quality supplies. You’ve heard the phrase “quality over quantity,” right? Buying quality paint supplies not only is a good investment, but it will always help you long-term.

• Purchasing a $5 plastic paint brush will make your walls look like a child did the work. Not to mention that plastic paint brushes are a false economy and the bristles will all fall out. To avoid this unnecessary trouble, you should purchase a 2.5 inch angled brush because you can always wash and reuse it.

• In addition, it is extremely durable and even when you use it on an expensive paint, it will run smoothly and give you the perfect coverage. A quality paint brush will offer you the best coverage and make the painting process be quick and efficient.

paint brushes and painting materials

Additional painting tips 

1. Cover your furniture: Moving furniture around in a single space can be extremely difficult, especially when it is drawers and beds you have to move around. In that case, you should cover your furniture with plastic sheets and tape them at the bottom. This way, you didn’t have to completely remove them out of the room and they stay protected from dripping paint and dust from sanding.


2. Use a putty knife to seal tape: What is the most discouraging thing to happen when you have finished painting? Peeling your tape off only to notice that the paint bled through. This can happen, but do not panic because it is preventable. To avoid this, you need to make sure the tape is properly adhered on the surface. Apply the tape along the wood, then press down on it using a putty knife. This allows for a good seal and avoids paint to go through. Also, use painter’s tape and not masking tape because masking tape leaves behind a sticky residue. Using painter’s tape is more reliable because it can be left on the surface for a long time and will still peel off fast.


3. You need drop cloths: As beginner painters, you might use bed sheets as protection for dripping paint, but this is never a good idea. Thin sheets won’t ever fully stop spills from seeping through your floor, but instead you should use drop cloths. They absorb spilled paint and are not slippery, so you can avoid an unwarranted injury.


4. Don’t try to tackle too many things at once: I know sometimes we tend to tackle too many things at once because we want everything to get done quicker, but with painting, you should never do that. It’s easy to paint all the corners and trim, but don’t. Interior painting services would cut one wall, then roll it before tackling the next section. By doing it this way, it will allow the paint to blend together nicely.

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Be sure to Stay safe 

Painting can seem like an easy job, even for veteran painters, but the worst can happen. For example, being in a bad set (painter’s lingo for being in a physically bad position) isn’t good news. Not to mention, it’s absolutely preventable! Let’s just say your ladder isn’t long enough, so you couldn’t reach the ceiling. That’s okay. Instead of harming yourself and stretching out your arms, it is better to just get off the ladder and move it to a more comfortable position. You just avoided a potentially injury. 

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