The Advantages of Painting Your House in the Winter

Painting your house interior in Winter – Winter in Toronto and the GTA can be one of the more quiet times for interior house Painting advantages for most homeowners. Can You Paint in Winter? Most people put off these home renovation and painting projects during the winter. They think that the cold weather makes interior house painting a bad idea. Unfortunately that kind of thinking could actually cost you more time and worst of all, more money.

Painting Your House in Winter Season


What most people don’t realize is that there are many advantages for house painting in winter:winter-painting

  • Paint actually dries quicker in low temperature of the winter. There is less humidity in the winter and combined with closed windows and your heating system, drying times are faster.
  • Most people spend more time inside during the winter. This gives you a better opportunity to enjoy your newly painted house. Also, the other advantage of being inside a lot is you will find more imperfections and highlight details that need fixing so you can get the most out of your new paint.
  • Toxic interior paint fumes?  Not to worry. With today’s low to zero VOC paints, this practically eliminates concerns over fumes.

Lower Painting Cost of Painting your House in Winter


Best Time to Paint Indoors,  Is it a good idea to paint during Winter?

The biggest advantage that most people don’t realize is that house painting in winter gives you a great opportunity to save time and money.

  • With most people paint their house during the warmer seasons, the best and most reputable professional painters will book up fast leading to longer wait times for painting your house. Booking during the slow season of winter for painting your house interior gives you shorter lead times and a better chance for a quick turnaround.
  • More summer fun! By planning ahead and getting your interior house painting done in the winter, it will free up your valuable summer vacation time for the things you enjoy most.
  • Many professional painters in Toronto and the GTA offer lower rates for painting your house during the slow winter season and that gives you the advantage of getting the same professional painting job at a more attractive price.

So take advantage of the cold weather and bring back that “New Home Feel” in less time and with less money.

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