Do-It-Yourself Painting Basics: Painting The Exterior of Your House

Sometimes, we look at our homes and long for the good old days when we were young, ready to take on the world. After a while, our houses start to reveal the same wear and tear that our busy lives create in us, so once in a while, doing a refreshing exterior house painting basics project can bring back your home’s vibrancy.


Here are some steps to painting the exterior of your home.

1- Start with an Exterior House Wash:


It is important that you spend some time washing the dirt and grime off of the outside of your house before you start painting. If the exterior surface of your house is free of paint repelling soil, the primer and paint will adhere better, creating a long lasting appearance of your home. Most of the time, a simple wash with a hose, a pump sprayer and a scrub brush is sufficient but if you decide that you would prefer a professional to help you, a power washer in the hands of a professional can provide a superior clean. We don’t recommend that you try to use a power washer on your own unless you are very familiar with them because they can cause damage to house wood siding and house trim if used incorrectly.


2- Prepare Your House For Painting:

Before you paint the exterior of your house in Toronto you should scrape off any bubbling or blistering paint that could cause future problems for your new house painting project.

Note * Beware of lead paint! Some houses that were built before 1978 have paint on them that may contain traces of lead paint. Exposure to lead paint can cause anemia, learning disabilities in children and damage to brain and nervous system. When working on the exterior of your historic home (older than 1960) be sure that you observe the proper safety measures including:

  • Wearing an inhalator
  • Wear proper gloves
  • Protecting your eyes with safety goggles

3-Sand the Area Where You Would Like to Paint:


The goal when painting the exterior of your Toronto house is to have the cleanest and most beautiful exterior you can. Sanding will help by smoothing out any bumps or lumps that can look strange under a fresh coat (or 2) of paint. Recommendations for sanders:

  • Random Orbit Sander
  • Pad sander

4-Patch and Fill Holes:

The goal here is to repair any damage that could worsen over time requiring an unnecessary future painting of your Toronto home. Be sure that you repair any rotten wood, fix any dents and replace damaged pieces of your home that might get worse in the future.

5- Caulk and Seal Any Windows or Openings to Prevent Air and Water From Leaking In.

This may be the most important part of the Exterior House Painting Process. Its important to have a well maintained, beautified, non rotting wood house, but just as important to make sure the windows, cracks, openings aren’t leaking air or letting in water which can ruin the interior of your house. Depending on the severity of the deterioration, you can even resort to a heavy duty, professional grade, industrial caulking. See Exterior caulking page .

Before you start painting, make sure that the surface is as good as it gets. Home Painting over damage can result in loss of longevity for your house painting job. Read our next tutorial on how to paint the exterior of your house.

We know that your life is busy and your time is valuable, so we want to help you get the exterior of your house painted and taken care of without interrupting your hectic life.

With more than 25 years’ experience as painting as professional painters, let our experience do the heavy lifting.

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