How to Paint and Repair your Basement After a Flood

On the 8th of July 2013, the City of Toronto was hit with a massive flood. It was the largest amount of rainfall in one day that has ever been recorded in the city’s history. More than 126 millimetres of rain hit the ground. That is more than the average amount of rainfall for the entire month of July in Toronto.

The storm caused some major damage, including the flooding of roads, transit infrastructure, and basements throughout the GTA. Luckily, our North York office was spared! But the storm increased the number of calls we received for cleaning up after a Flood, repairing, and painting.

Repair your Basement After a Flood

We want you to be ready for the next big storm in Toronto and the GTA. These are some steps you can take to repair and paint your flooded basement.

What to do if Your Basement Floods

 Step 1: Eliminate the moisture in Flooded Basement

  • Extract all the water as soon as possible. This prevents further damage from occurring. Mops, cloths, dehumidifiers, and wet-vacs will all come in handy.
  • Clear out all the basement furniture or other items that came in contact with water.
  • Try to remove the moisture that has been absorbed by wood, plaster and other materials.
  • Wash out mud, dirt, or debris as soon as possible. Use a hose and mop, cloth, or sponge.


Step 2: Carefully inspect the damage to your Basement

  •  inspect the damage to your BasementSee what can be fixed, and what needs to be removed and replaced. Leaving damp drywall in place can lead to mold and structural problems.
  • Sagged, blistering, and peeling areas will require specific attention.
  • Make sure any damage to the basement structure has been repaired before trying to repair the drywall over it. Breaks in the plumbing or cracks in the foundation all need to be fixed or bigger problems will pop up.


Step 3: Repair, Replace and Flooded Basement Clean Up

  • Check out our other articles on repairing drywall, and if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, get a friend to help you, or hire a drywall repair professional to take care of it.
  • To repair water – damaged drywall, examine the affected area carefully to make sure that it is still attached to the studs.
  • If necessary, reattach the loose basement drywall with drywall screws. Try to work from the edge inwards.
  • Any damaged drywall has to be cut out. Use a replacement piece cut to match the area that has been damaged. Newly installed drywall should be puttied and sanded smooth to match the surrounding wall in the basement.


Step 4: Finishing Touches on your Basement Drywall

  • Use two coats of oil primer. Most interior painting today is done with latex-based paint, because of the short drying time and low-odour. Unfortunately, when dealing with water damage and flooded basement drywall you should always use oil, and let it dry completely between coats. This seals any dampness left by the water residue. It also prevent stains from being visible.
  • Use a putty knife and compound to fill and patch any holes that became visible after priming. You can apply this straight over the primer.
  • Sand the compound until it is smooth, then blend it with the rest of the wall.
  • Apply another coat of primer and make sure it is dry. Now, you can paint over the primer as you wish.


We know that when a disaster like Toronto’s July flood or the recent Toronto ice storm hits, there is often damage throughout the Toronto house, and a hundred other demands on your time and energy. Let us take care of this for you. We’ll make sure that your flooded basement is restored to full health, with no lasting damage or worries for you or your family. At Home Painters Toronto we have over 25 years of experience in home renovations and basement drywall repair. Call us NOW at 416.494.9095, or email us at to get a FREE cost estimate for painting, drywalling, Basement Renovations, flooded basement repair and making sure your home gets back in shape.

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