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Often a neglected room in your home would probably be your basement. The truth is, most of us don’t spend as much time on thinking about painting the basement, as we do thinking about painting our kitchens or bathrooms. So, why not start thinking about some popular basement paint colours to liven up that section of the house. Choosing the right colour for your basement can be an easy decision, but only if you understand the challenges of basement space. Here are some of the best basement paint colours!

Popular Basement Paint Colours

It is important to know how your basement is. Is it light and bright? Or is your basement dark with a few small windows? You should observe the natural light or the artificial lighting you have to add to your basement.

With the proper lighting, your basement will look beautiful and full of life. A great popular basement paint colour is the Mindful Gray SW 7016 from Sherwin Williams. If you know how you want to use your basement and you see it as a second living room, consider using this gray. It is soothing and relaxing.

Also, it is a very versatile shade with cool blue undertones. It is the perfect light shade to brighten up a space. You should also consider using Magnolia One Horn White because it will help take the place of natural light. It will definitely lighten up your basement because of this shade’s coziness. If you want your basement to be like a mini bedroom vibe, this is the perfect colour because it adds so much comfort and is a light palette.

Basement Paint Ideas

There are various basement paint ideas you can choose from. You can always receive guidance from professional painters because they know the latest painting trends. Who doesn’t love a little sunshine though? The Morning Sunshine 2018-50 from Benjamin Moore is the perfect shade for basements that lack sunshine (go for the artificial light). This shade works best in offices, guest rooms, or even a playroom.

This is because the medium warm yellow hue makes everything light and bright. Blue has always been a popular colour amongst homeowners. The best and most popular blue shade for basements is Sherwin Williams Manitou Blue SW 6501. This blue will not overwhelm the basement or make it feel dark and gloomy. Instead, it provides the basement to be energized and not overly saturated. You don’t have to use it only for basements, you can incorporate this in your kitchens or bathrooms.

Best Colour For Basement Walls

  1. Behr Moss Mist S380-1: This is the most loveliest shade of light green. In more open and large spaces, it appears more white. It’s slight hint of colour adds personality and will be a great colour for your basement wall.
  2. Sherwin Williams Peppercorn SW 7674: For a lounge or media room, this shade hits the spot. It’s a darker gray than the one previously mentioned, but it can anchor a basement. You can definitely use it as an accent wall, with the right lighting. I know it is a bold colour and some people won’t like that, but the key is to accept that your basement will be dark until it’s lit properly. Adjusting your lights and bulbs and when you get the right effect, this shade will be a great basement wall colour.
  3. Light Blue Watery SW 6478: This light blue from Sherwin Williams is an appealing colour, with a slight green undertone. It is a very relaxing shade in any basement setting and if you want to create your very own retreat, this is the perfect shade for that particular vibe. Ultimately, it is a great basement wall colour.

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