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Kitchen Week: My Favorite Kitchen Renovation

Since Home Painters Toronto started doing interior and exterior residential painting over twenty-five years ago, we’ve been a part of a lot of kitchen renovations. That’s why I’m so excited to share these pictures and post these blogs with our customers. We have done some truly beautiful things to homes all over Toronto and the GTA.



As part of Kitchen Week on our blog, I wanted to show you one of my favorite kitchen renovations. You’ve probably seen some of the pictures so far, but that’s because they perfectly illustrate everything I love about interior residential painting.

 Kitchen Renovations and Painting

We showed up to a Yorkville condo that really needed a makeover. This condo got tons of natural sunlight and had amazing views of downtown Toronto – but the kitchen was so dark and dull that it just sucked all that light right out. The one thing it had going for it was this really cool brick wall detail on both sides of the kitchen. With the dark kitchen cabinets, the grey brick just looked dingy.

Finally, once we spray painted the doors and drawers at our off site spray facility, we put the cabinets back together again. That grey wall that had looked so shabby now looks sharp and chic, and we didn’t even touch it! This kitchen looked like it would need a lot of work to  bring the light and warmth of the rest of the house in, but we repainted the kitchen in no time and gave it a completely new look.

The owners of the condo didn’t need to replace the flooring, appliance, cabinets, or counter tops – all of which are costly and time consuming renovations. By just painting kitchen cabinet and refreshing the walls and trim, we created a kitchen that is modern and chic, but also full of light and warmth.

Want to see what we can do with your kitchen? Take some time to browse through our galleries of completed jobs and painting ideas on Pinterest, and then give us a call for a free quote for your kitchen renovation project.

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