Home Office Inspiration and Paint Colour Ideas

In this day and age, office culture has almost completely changed. Many people are now spending way less time at the office and more time in their home office. You may find yourself getting that tired case-of-the-Mondays feeling as soon as you step into the part of your home set aside for work. The boring white walls and dull carpet shades can often have you looking around and not feeling very inspired to work!

If this is the case, you may be someone that needs colour for your interior painting to revitalize the look of your home office. It may be for work, but this is your home as well.

When looking for interior painting home office inspiration, there are a few things you have to think about. You obviously don’t want a boring space while working but you also don’t want an environment too vibrant either. This can make it difficult for you to concentrate on different work tasks you need to complete through out the day.

The Size of Your Home Office

  • Colour affects the perception of a room’s size and shape. The size of your home office is an important factor to choosing the right paint colours.
  • A lot of homeowners use a small bedroom as their home office. Choose light colours to make the most of small space.
  • Some homeowners use their garages as their home office. Garages are usually darker than other rooms. Use a light paint colour as your home office inspiration as it could really work to brighten up the space.
Fresh and Newly Painted Home office with large windows for natural sun light, interior painting ideas, interior painting

Interior painting: Colour Your Mood for home office inspiration

  • Determine what main paint colour or combinations for interior painting work best for your situation. When in doubt: simpler is almost always the better option. Offices can be cluttered enough without the distractions of mismatched paint colours.
  • Decide how you want your office to make you feel. Do you want the interior painting colour to stimulate you or to soothe you? The paint colour for your home office could very well end up making a huge impact on your work day.
  • Remember that there are no wrong colours when it comes to interior painting though. What matters is how they work for you. My preference is always warm, modern, and chic.  But you have to love your office, not anyone else.

Home office Lighting Options

  • Take note of the amount of light, whether from windows or light fixtures, that is in the room. The amount of lighting impacts the illusion of openness or gloominess.
  • If your home office space has big windows and a lot of natural light, use a light shade.
  • If your home office receives little natural lighting (like in a garage), use a warm color like yellow, yellow-green or off white colours. Keep the depth of color light.
  • If you’re looking for a cool and affordable desk lamp, the Goll Table Lamp from Structube is beautiful with gold features.
  • Cool or warm colours could be used in a sunny room.
  • For overhead track lighting, this Eglo Kingswood Track Light from Home Depot is modern and functional.
Cool and affordable desk Goll table lamp from Structube with gold features

Interior Painting: Paint Colour Hints and Tips

  • Green gives a strong sense of balance. Check out Greenfield from Sherwin Williams for a nice dark sage green.
  • Yellow stimulates ego and raises your spirit. Icy Lemonade is a fun choice that’s not too bright and looks gorgeous with white furniture pieces.
  • Red makes you feel more productive. It also works to stimulate you physically. Have a look at Rambling Rose as it’s a bit muted and understated yet still gives off those great red vibes.
  • Blue also makes you more productive by stimulating your mind. We really like Inky Blue as it’s almost like a light teal that still reads blue.
  • If you want to create a relaxing environment, use pale colours, like Natural LinenIt’s a gorgeous light taupe that works well in so many different spaces.
Home Office with wooden Shelves including books and files, with black chair and white reading lamp, interior painting ideas, interior painting company in toronto

Office Furniture and Surroundings

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