Wall Colour For The Office Feng Shui

Wall Colour For The Office Feng Shui

Depending on what kind of business your office is engaged in, there are some very good paint choices for those who believe a little feng shui is needed to help them perform at their best in a work environment.

good Office colour ideaGreen reflects energy, growth, vibrancy, and regeneration. Balance your office environment with a colour choice that emphasizes healing yourself from the inside out. When using the colour green in your office, to obtain optimal feng shui results, you should pair many different shades of green to reap all of the energizing benefits on a daily basis.

Orange and yellows reflect optimism, sociability, and even creativity. Orange shades encourage people to talk more, be more engaged in conversation, and, much like the sun, can inspire happy thoughts. This colour choice may be best for an office where creativity is needed. Innovative brainstorming and team efforts do the best mentally in this feng shui work environment.

Pinks reflect love and nourishment. Soften the environment with a calm, gentle shade of pink. This would be a good colour choice in a work environment where mediation or emotional support is needed.

office painting ideasBlue communicates tranquillity and peace in an office setting. It is a good colour choice when paired with either a vibrant contrasting shade or a subtle white to balance out the deepness of the colour (if you choose a dark blue). Typically sky blue or aqua promote peace and should be painted on the east side of your office to promote health, the southeast side of your office area to promote wealth, and in the north to promote career longevity.

Blacks and greys can create energy in your work environment, and will look best if painted in areas where there is a lot of metal. Be careful when painting the colour black as it is very overpowering. When used in moderation and tastefully drawn, however, these two shades will bring energetic feng shui vibes to your business setting.

office colour ideas for paintingWhite reflects purity, grace, and innocence. This colour can be paired with any other brightly coloured decorative items, but may look bland and boring. White is great for a work environment which has the goal of serving those looking for comfort.

Using feng shui to paint an office space can result in an ideal reflection of your business through the power of colour choice. If you would like HPT to help you find your perfect feng shui colour combination, make sure to give them a call! Call today at 416-494-9095 or email Brian@HomePaintersToronto.com!

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