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Paint Colour Matching On Walls For Touch Ups

Sometimes wall paint gets damaged or dinged and then you have to go about repairing them. After you have repaired the actual hole in the wall, you obviously have to repaint the area that was damaged. However, you painted that wall over 10 years ago and you can’t quite remember the exact paint colour match for the wall to touch it up. In Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), most of the walls are comprised of drywall and the older homes of plaster. So, there is usually a way to get this paint on the walls matched.

Here are some tips for paint colour matching of your wall paint

STEP 1: Find the Original Leftover Paint

Most obviously, check your basement or garage for the extra paint. Many times you have stored it but may have forgotten about it. Hopefully, the lid was labeled as well to help you narrow down where the previous colour paint was actually painted. See our blog on How to Store Paint for details on how you can store your paint properly.

Find the Original Leftover Paint by Home painters toronto
Determine the Finish Paint by home painters toronto

Step 2: Determine the Finish Paint

If you don’t have the leftover paint from before, you’re going to need to get a sample from the area. First, you need to determine the finish of the wall paint that you originally used. If you don’t do this, even if you get the right color for the wall, the paint will not match. See the different finishes below:

Flat: No sheen/shine at all and the dullest finish paint.

• Eggshell / Low Gloss: Halfway between flat and satin paint. Has a noticeable gloss and sheen but not too shiny. Washable paint and sometimes scrubbable paint may show surface imperfections as it reflects the most light.

• Satin: Shinier than eggshell paint, but lower than a semi-gloss paint. The surface is definitely more washable and reflects some light.

• Semi-Gloss: A finish with a noticeable amount of gloss and sheen. Very washable and maybe even scrubbable. Shows surface imperfections and reflect noticeably.

• Gloss: This finish paint has a very high degree of sheen and gloss. When applied properly, it gives the appearance of a ceramic or glass finish.

STEP 3: Getting a Sample of Wall Paint Colour

After you have determined the finish of your wall paint, you will need to get a sample of the paint colour that is on your wall.

Find an inconspicuous spot of the wall that you can cut into.

Using a box cutter, x-acto painter knife or sharp putty knife and cut into the wall and make a square (about 2”x2” inches minimum – the bigger the sample the better)

Cut deeply enough that the square won’t break when you are peeling it off the wall.

Peel from the top right corner to the bottom left corner. Do this carefully, as you don’t want to break the sample.

Behr premium plus paint to paint vinyl windows and trims
Vinyl windows and trims paint Alexandria Bridge Benjamin Moore

STEP 4: Deliver Sample Paint Colour to a Professional

After you have acquired your sample, take it to your local hardware or any other paint store in Toronto and give it to the paint colour specialist there.

Most paint experts will be able to tell the luster of the paint, and they should be able to paint colour match for you too

Make sure you bring the sample of wall paint in a plastic bag or envelope to avoid it being lost or damaged

 Step 5: Purchase a Similar Colour (as a Last Resort)

There are sometimes rare situations when the paint store is not able to do a paint colour match perfectly for their client. Be aware that this does happen sometimes, especially with brighter, deep, and neon colours. If it does happen to you, you will have to repaint the entire wall or area with a colour close to it or even a different colour altogether. The best thing to do is bring your chip to a paint store and look at their colour pallets and samples on display. If this isn’t convenient, then get a big wall paint colour fan deck and bring it home to try to match. It’s best to do this in daylight when the light in the room is the brightest.

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If you have followed all of the steps correctly though, you should have a paint colour matching your original wall color.

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