Home Painters Toronto is the best-established and most reliable house and condo painting contractor in the Distillery District.

From Gooderham & Worts to the Trendy Lofts. Home Painters Toronto helps keep the Distillery District a gorgeous piece of Toronto landscape.

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The Distillery District is a vibrant and welcoming Toronto neighbourhood located east of Downtown Toronto. In addition to being the only heritage district in Toronto, it is also one of the largest arts and culture hubs. It has a rich history and once had the largest distillery in the world (1860).

The pedestrian-only village in Distillery District, which is dedicated to entertainment, arts and culture, is one of the hottest tourist attractions in Canada. It has various art galleries, theatres, top-designer boutiques, unique cafes and restaurants. Which are all, housed in heritage buildings. In fact, it features the largest collection and best preserved Victorian-era industrial architecture in the whole of North America.

At Home Painters Toronto, we take pride in being the best condominium and house painting contractors in the Distillery district. We guarantee to make your home or business exterior a stunning discovery for tourists and neighbours alike.

We not only paint these unique structures but also preserve and maintain their heritage value. Our professional painters, who are experts in interior and exterior paintings, ensure that colours correspond to the business needs or the specific purpose of the building.

Is it Worth Getting A Professional Painter?

If you want your property to look good and last long, then yes. It is worth hiring a professional painter. They are trained to do the job right. They have the skills and expertise to get your home or business looking its best. Whether you need interior or exterior painting, a professional painter can help you achieve the look you want.

They can also help you with other aspects of home or business maintenance. For example, they may be able to repair and restore woodwork, masonry or stucco; build custom cabinetry; fix windows or doors; and more.

How much Do Painters Charge in Toronto?

The cost of paint jobs in Toronto varies depending on the size of your project and the type of paint you need. There are many factors that determine the price. The number of coats needed, the complexity of the surface and whether it is interior or exterior will all impact the price. For example, if you need wallpaper removed from your walls, that will increase the project cost. If you have old paint to remove first and then prep work to do before painting can begin, that will also drive up labour costs.

You may find affordable painters in Torontobut they aren’t always the best choice. It’s important to be aware of the hidden costs. The right painter for your project will be able to provide a detailed estimate of the cost, including materials, labour and what exactly is included in that price.

Distillery District Painting Services We Provide for You:

Driveway: Repaint, Repair, and Save

Let money be your motivation when you put in your time and some elbow grease to transform your driveway by painting it. If those scuff marks and cracks are really making you want to have it resealed, try repairing the individual flaws first. And then find concrete driveway paint to paint right over your existing driveway surface! This will save you from needing to repave your driveway for another year.

Painting your driveway will improve the appearance of your whole front lot! Driveways take a lot of harsh weather blows. Just like the roads we drive on – and inevitably, we’ll need to repair our asphalt driveway to extend its life. There is no need to have it re-paved!

Ceiling Repair
Dark to Lght Paint Before and After

By using specialized painting techniques and using low odour, eco-friendly paints with low or Zero VOC, we make sure that your customers will always come back.

Our professionals will also do an audit of your premises and advice on all defects. Being a full commercial and residential painting contractor in the Distillery District, our services cover other areas in the building industry.

Services Offered by Home Painters in Distillery District include:

  • Commercial and Residential painting
  • Interior design
  • Color consultation
  • Wallpaper removal; and installation
  • Drywall installation, painting and repair
  • Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing
  • Exterior staining
  • Texturing
  • Carpentry
  • Metallic Finishes
  • Cleanup and trash removal
  • Painting of condominiums, apartments and bungalows

Home Painters Toronto Area of Action in Distillery Village

Our various professional painting services are available in the whole of the Distillery District. Which includes the areas along Parliament Street up to Mill Street, Trinity Street, Front Street and Cherry Street.

Home Painters Toronto has earned its title as one of the top house and condominium painting companies in Toronto by always improving and maintaining high-quality work over the past 34 years.

We have been recognized for our quality of work by many industry regulators. And have been rated as one of the Top Painting Companies in Toronto on Homestars. Other achievements include having A+ Better Business Bureau rating. In addition to being licensed, we are also fully insured with the WSIB and bonded painters.

With our strong house painting team and several years of combined experience, we can handle any type and size of the project. Whether you are painting a small office, renovating or restoring a heritage building. Or painting a block of apartments, we will be there for you.

From the time you first contact Home Painters Toronto, our professionals will work together as a team to ensure that quality work with excellent finishes is carried out within your budget and timelines.

Interior Wall Painting Drywall Repair Renovation

Finding the best painters in Toronto isn’t difficult. The key is to find a company that has a stellar reputation and years of experience in the industry.

Our team of professional painters will work with you every step of the way. From selecting the right colour scheme to providing expert advice on how best to protect your investment.

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