Exterior Siding – In Toronto, there are 3 specific types or styles of external siding for your house. These styles are something to consider when choosing the siding for your Toronto home. For the Toronto home builder, contractor or the everyday Joe – this is a quick guide to the more common types of siding found in Ontario.

How to Choose Which Exterior Siding is Best for Your Home

Style 1: Vinyl Siding

  • One of the most common sidings

    used  on Toronto houses is vinyl. It is affordable, low maintenance, and you don’t have to paint it because it can come in a variety of colours! Just take a look at Vinyl Siding Color Chart

  • External vinyl siding is made in so many different styles that you can choose siding that looks like stone, shingles, brick and more!

  • Vinyl is easy to install and doesn’t rot, peel or split – so you’ll have less to worry about for the long haul. You can also now get insulated quality vinyl exterior siding that will cut energy bill costs, contain noise and handle tougher weather conditions.

Style 2: Aluminum

  • Aluminum siding is a highly weather

    resistant material that will really improve the damaging affects of the weather in Toronto. It won’t rot or rust and is also a cost effective siding choice.

  • You can paint Aluminum siding very easily and you can even mimic a wood look because of the varieties of Aluminum siding colors available.

  • Aluminum siding isn’t as tough as other materials but that doesn’t mean it won’t provide long lasting results. With some of the downfalls such as; denting easily and having a tendency to corrode but will withstand the changing seasons easily.

Style 3: Wood Siding

  • Exterior Wood siding is most commonly

    made from cedar and can give a beautiful country cottage appeal to your house. Cedar siding is resistant to moisture, decay, and insects.

  • Installing wood siding is not as difficult. You can start with a pre-finished wood siding and then paint it any colour. Engineered wood siding produces less greenhouse gases when manufactured and is the most environmentally friendly siding choice.

  • Although wood siding products look beautiful, they will require more maintenance to keep looking good through all of the seasons your Toronto home experiences.

Exterior Siding Hint:

  • Consider the area in Toronto that you live in and choose a siding style that will fit in with the style of your neighbourhood.

  • Pick the siding that requires a level of maintenance you are comfortable with upkeeping.


With the 3 siding options described above, we hope that we’ve helped you find the best exterior siding idea that is right for your Toronto home!

However, if you can’t find the time for selecting a style of exterior siding for your home in Toronto, then give HPT a call! We’ll do it for you! Call 416-494-9095 today! For other handy tips, try checking out the blog When to Paint Your Home’s Siding.

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