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Can you Paint on Exterior Aluminum Windows or Aluminum Siding?

Can you paint on Exterior Aluminum Windows or Siding

Since World War II, aluminum has been a popular siding material for homeowners. Due to its sturdy nature, weather protection and insulation abilities, it’s a valued exterior material for homes. Not to mention, it requires less maintenance than other kinds of siding. Many homes we see today have vinyl siding, but that doesn’t mean you should replace your aluminum siding if your home has it. There are plenty of ways to refresh your aluminum siding, like a fresh coat of paint.

How long does painting your aluminum windows or siding actually last?

The environment can have an impact on your aluminum siding paint job, especially in Toronto and the GTA. Where we have plenty of different weather conditions throughout the year. A properly done paint job can easily last you seven to ten years, especially if it’s been done by a professional. Every few years, you may want to spruce up your curb appeal with some trendy paint colours. But the quality of your paint job will still be pristine.

How to Paint Aluminum Windows or Siding

When you’re ready to paint the exterior of your Toronto home, you’ll want to begin with some preparation. Especially if there are spots that are significantly damaged. Keep in mind that if you’re afraid of heights or you’re not familiar with exterior home painting, you may want to enlist the help of a pro. Working on the exterior of your home involves a lot of skill and working up high, so unless you have all the safety precautions in place. We recommend hiring a professional painting company.

Prep Work

If you have damaged spots on your siding, it’s best to repair them before painting. To fix them, you can:

First, indicate the sections you want to remove by drawing a square around them.

Second, cut out the section as uniformly as possible with tin snips and a utility knife.

Third, your replacement patch should be three inches bigger on every side than the section you removed. 

Next, use the tin shears to remove the nailing strip off the patch. 

Then, using clear silicone caulk, cover the back of the replacement patch and press it firmly in place. 

Lastly, wipe away any excess silicone.

Aluminum windows and siding
Aluminum windows and siding
Aluminum windows and siding
Aluminum windows and siding

Cleaning the Exterior of Your Home

It’s an important step to make sure your home’s aluminum siding is cleaned well before you try and paint it. Any dirt, debris, or damaged spots won’t result in a quality paint job. If you have flaking paint from your previous paint job, you’ll want to scrape and peel off any spots where that is occurring. Sanding, pressure washing, and handwashing are necessary to get the best possible paint job.

If you have a pressure washer or want to rent one to save yourself time, make sure you’re using a low-pressure nozzle. And ever spray in an upward fashion. Doing this will result in dirt, debris, and excess water getting inside and behind the aluminum, leading to rust. You’ll want to remove any rusted spots before painting as well. Once you’ve prepped the surface, you’ll need to allow it to completely dry, so give it time before painting.

Painting Aluminum Siding or Windows

First, you’ll want to protect any plants, furniture, gutters, windows or architecture you don’t want to be painted with plastic or drop sheets and painter’s tape.

Once your home has completely dried from the prep work you’ve already done,. You’ll want to start with a primer made for metal or aluminum. Using a paintbrush, you’ll want to cover the entire exterior in primer and leave it for at least four hours, or more depending on the product directions. Until it’s completely dried.

When your primer has dried completely, start with the first coat of exterior-grade paint. Make sure you’re paying close attention to detail with your rollers and paint brushes to get every spot on the exterior of your home. Once it’s completely painted, leave it for a few hours for the first coat to dry. The specific paint you’re using should have drying time instructions. A second coat may not seem necessary, but it’s highly recommended to achieve a high-quality and long-lasting result.

Aluminum windows and siding
Aluminum windows and siding

Hiring a Professional

If you’re looking to have your aluminum siding or windows painted, call us or email us for your free quote. Our team has helped thousands of Toronto residents achieve the look they’re dreaming of for the exterior of their homes while improving their curb appeal. We will arrive at your home to provide you with a detailed quote and colour consultation to ensure you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re satisfied, we will book you for a convenient time that works for you with all the details we discussed. Once we’re ready to paint, we will protect your yard, plants and outdoor furniture with drop sheets, and then we will get to work. Our professional painters will clean, sand, caulk, fill and prime any damage on your home and apply a fantastic paint job every time.

Your home will look fantastic with the Home Painters Toronto handwork for years to come. We’ll always make sure you’re 100% satisfied with every job before we leave, and we have a three-year warranty on our services because we know it’ll always be a job well done.

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