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Regent Park is a mixed-income neighbourhood in downtown Toronto. It is encompassed by Shuter Street on the southern side and River Street on the east, Gerrard Street forms the northern border and Parliament Street on the western.

Regent Park is one of the oldest and largest social housing projects in Canada. The majority of the earlier dwellings were row houses and low-rise buildings that were under government management.

The neighbourhood is undergoing a re-development under the Toronto Community Housing Corporation. Old structures are being demolished and replaced with townhomes, commercial structures, rental units, condominium buildings, and the provision of open spaces and active parks.

The plan is to offer affordable housing and organize the neighbourhood facilities as well as bring it to par with other neighbourhoods. The new structures are either for sale or rental, and the successful transformation has resulted in a mixed-income, commercial and residential neighbourhood.

Painting Contractors in Regent Park

Home Painters Toronto is One of Your Trusted Professional Painting Contractor in Regent Park

Now it’s time to give your Regent Park home the attention it deserves!

You’re probably wondering: From all the Regents Park painting companies available, how do I choose the right painting contractor in Toronto and the best painters in Regent Park?

When it is time to paint and beautify your home in Regent Park, you can trust Home Painters Toronto to help you in realizing the dream.

We know how stressful it can be to hire the right professional painter. This is why we offer free estimates and free paint samples so that you can see exactly what we’re going to do and know what you’re getting before any work begins. We also have excellent customer service that ensures you’ll have a great experience with us from start to finish.

HPT Painter

At Home Painters Toronto, we know how a successful painting project will transform your home and the accompanying happiness and enjoyment. All our past customers have experienced our high-standard services covering all exterior and interior painting.

Whether it is your current home, a newly constructed house, or business premises, Home Painters Toronto is the best choice. Our customized home improvement services are tailored to provide you with a superb finish on an affordable budget.

Regent Park Painting Services We Provide For You:

Interior Painting

We start the process by first discussing with you and making sure that we understand your specific needs. Our professionals will carry out a survey, note down all the details and point out other areas that may require attention.

The preparation work will then start and cover repairs on masonry, wood, concrete, ceiling and any other defects that could affect the quality of the paint finish.

The wall surfaces are cleaned and allowed to dry, before priming. The high-quality paint is then applied uniformly and accurately. This provides you with a smooth, beautiful and fresh paint coating. Our preparation and efficient techniques ensure that you get a strong and durable finish.

Our much sought-after quality services cover other areas such as exterior painting, kitchen remodelling, trim painting and much more.

At Home Painters Toronto, we cover commercial, residential, institutional and other structures.

Interior Wall Painting By Home Painters Toronto

Home Painters Toronto Professional Services Include:

• Interiors and exteriors Paintings

• Painting business premises

• Residential Painting

• Painting condominiums

• Painting Bungalow

• Painting Heritage building

• Apartment painting

• Institutional Painting

• Storefronts

• Industrial structure painting

• Exterior Apartment Painting

• Garage painting

• Painting driveways

• Painting  exterior wooden trim

• Exterior Staining

• Metallic finishes

• Bathroom painting

• Kitchen remodelling

• Town House painting

• Carpentry

• Power washing and cleanup

• Clear finish

• Colour & Texture Matching

• Varnishing

Before and After Exterior Window And Door Frame Garage Door Painting By Home Painters Toronto
Kitchen Cabinet Painting By Home Painters Toronto
Seaton Village Exterior Front Door And Garage Front Door Painting
Kitchen Cabinet Spraying And Painting

How Much do Painters Charge Per Sq Ft Canada?

Painting contractors in Toronto charge anywhere from $2.5 and $3.5 per square foot for interior painting (walls only), depending on the location and size of the project.

These days, the price tag for painting a complete home, including all the trim, doors, ceilings, and closets, can range from $3.0 to $5.0 per square foot, including HST.

The following are some fast methods to generate ballpark figures for the cost of painting the interior of a typical house in the GTA:

• Small to medium houses (ie. 700 to 1000 square feet) = $2,000 to $5,000 + HST

• Medium to large houses (ie. 1000 to 1500 square feet) = $5,000 to $8,000 + HST

• Large to XL houses (ie. 1500 to 2500 square feet) = $8,000 to $15,000+ + HST

All of the pricing shown here includes both the labour required to paint and the cost of the high-quality paint that will be used.

The Cost of Interior House Painting

Cost To Paint The Interior of Your Home

Exterior painting typically costs more than interior work because it requires special materials and equipment as well as additional training in order to protect against weather conditions like rain and snow. Prices vary by province, but you can expect to pay between $2.25 and $4 CAD + HST per square foot to paint the outside of your house.

To know more about exterior painting costs, visit our article here: The Cost Of Painting The Exterior Of A House.

Home Painters Toronto Area of Action in Regent Park:

We offer our services to all buildings in Regent Park, all along Shuter Street, River Street, Gerrard Street, Parliament Street, Dundas Street and the River Street.

Top Painting Contractor in Regent Park

Painters Standing Cherry Picker

Choosing Home Painters Toronto is one of the best decisions you can make in your quest to beautify and refresh your home in Regent Park. Our commitment to delivering only the best ensures that we provide you with an excellent paint finish that will look great for many years.

Our skilled professionals receive training every now and then and this equips them with the required skills and techniques to handle simple as well as complex projects.

We are a licensed painting contractor with over 35 years of experience, fully insured have a worker’s compensation policy as well as liability insurance. Home Painters Toronto is a Better Business Bureau member with an A+ rating.

Our positive reviews from customers have seen us being rated as Top Painting Contractors. This is a rating we have worked hard to attain and always doing our best to even do better.

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