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The Best Time to Paint Your House Exterior

Exterior House Painting Best Season – Giving your home a beautiful new paint job is like getting yourself a new outfit! Your home can benefit from this so much and you’ll have everyone else in your neighbourhood wishing that they painting their house exterior too!


But when is the best time for painting the outside of your house in Toronto? When painting the outside of your house you need to consider the temperature, whether you are repainting or even painting over brick or exterior house trim. Read on to discover tips before you paint the exterior of your house and pick the best time for painting your house exterior!

1. What is the Best Temperature for Painting Outside of Your House?


When Not to Paint Outside – In
Toronto, the best time to paint or repaint the outside of your house is in the Spring. Because the weather isn’t too hot that you’ll get sunstroke, or the paint will dry too quickly – and you’ll get an un-even application. The spring time is the best time of the year to get cracking at house exterior painting. The sun’s rays aren’t too strong and you’ll get your house painted just in time for when summer comes around and you can enjoy other things!

2. What If I am Painting Over Brick of my House Exterior?

Painting over brick can be time consuming and a hassle, so if you paint over brick during an early morning in the Spring time you won’t overwork yourself if it get’s too tedious. Painting over brick requires a good pressure washing, bleach cleaning, and a latex primer before you even get to paint it. So always consider your safety and health before you take on any task that requires harder labour!

brick-house-hptpexterior-paintingWith these tips  above, you should have a good idea of the best time for painting the outside of your house. Spring!  And guess what? Springtime is right now! So if this is something you are considering, why not start on it right away so you know you are getting it done at the best time of the year! But let’s say you have a brick home and don’t want to deal with all the steps involved in painting your house exterior – let Home Painters Toronto, Top rated house exterior painter on Homestar do it for you! We’ll take the labour off your hands and do it for you! Call us NOW at 416-494-9095…… For more handy tips, check out the blog When to Paint Your House Exterior.

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