Exterior Paint Colour Combinations – Everyone loves a freshly painted house! Don’t you? It’s the perfect opportunity to get the whole neighborhood buzzing. Express yourself and have your home represent you and your family with a tastefully painted exterior colour combination. When deciding on house painting colour schemes we’ll discover the best exterior paint colour schemes that perfectly suit you and your home. Let’s go through some exterior house paint colour schemes for the whole house!



Exterior House Paint Colour Combinations

  1. Choosing your Colour Combination Style


  • Depending on which type
    of exterior siding you have: Vinyl, Brick, or Wood you’ll want to pick an appealing paint colour that will best compliment the exterior style of your house. Make sure to choose paint designed to last on the particular type of siding that you have on your house before you start painting.
  • Do you have intricate colour coordinated landscaping? A dark shade of driveway paint? A roof that has brown shingles? A Chiminea that visually stands out? What about a little brick well to show off your vibrant plants? All of these existing elements won’t be painted – so let’s say your driveway is black, your brick well is red and your mailbox is white – try painting your house exterior around these already existing items so your whole property will visually POP – matching just perfectly!


  1. What Color Exterior house paint should i choose?

  • If your house is partially stone – a nice modern shade will best compliment your house. In this case, neutral shades like a nice greyish brown and the natural stone will really compliment this shade on the door, exterior trim around the house and the windows. Then with a classic white shade you can line your banister or balcony with this safe tried and true shade.
  • On any siding house, try picking a whole house colour scheme by choosing two colours that compliment each other well as the colour combination. Possibly pick a vibrant favourite colour and paint around the window panels so it will highlight your home tastefully for a customized Toronto home that is truly unique to you! A colonial style home will specifically benefit from this colour scheme because you are complimenting the common white paint colour that is on so many homes this style – with a customized appeal.
  • exterior-color-choice-2Do you have a classic red brick home? Have you ever thought about painting it white or a light neutral shade? If you paint your exterior brick home white, you give your house a very contemporary look and you can play up different features of your home without worrying about matching all of your exterior decor to all too common red brick home. A dark grey roof would look great with a white brick home and you can even add an accent colour to your front door!


  1. Good To Know Colour Scheme Tips


  • Limit the bold accent shades
    to just your front door, or just your exterior window panels – you don’t want to over exaggerate the colour combinations where it becomes hard to look at. (Check the colours by looking at a paint colour combination chart or a color wheel first) But if you are thinking you need more than just a brightly painted door, try painting your mailbox, and/or the outline of your roof with the same bold accent colour. This way it creates a minimal but brightly matched and evenly distributed accent hue.
  • Go with colour schemes that highlight the area you live in. If you live in the beaches area of Toronto, don’t be afraid to use nautical shades. Go with an entire beach themed exterior colour combination such as dark blue, yellow, white, orange, and brown.
  • You can also try painting a main accent wall in your space that is the same shade as your boldest colour on the exterior of your house. You’d be surprised how well this compliments your entire home exterior as well as interior.
  • If the exterior of your house is wood siding, you can try using a bright colour stain to bring out the earthy wood tone. Pick a bright shade to highlight around features surrounding the exterior of your house. There are tons of shades of stain so you’ll have lots of options!
  • Painting your garage door as well as your house exterior with the same colour as your accent hue will also show nicely to the eye!

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