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Professional Painting in High Park

Professional Painting in High Park

Home Painters Toronto, is the leading High Park painting contractor

High Park is the largest public park located north of Humber Bay west of downtown Toronto.  It measures about 400 acres and runs all the way from The Queensway to the Bloor Street West. It is bounded by the Grenadier Pond, Parkside Drive and Ellis Park road.

The park features several natural and recreational facilities including beautiful lakefronts, hiking trails, a dog park, a zoo, children’s playgrounds, picnic areas, eateries, diverse vegetation, bird watching and much more. It is easily accessed either using the public transport or private means with a convenient parking available for the motorists.

The two adjacent neighbourhoods utilize the park’s popular name, one is the High Park North which is situated to the east and north of the park, and the second is High Park-Swansea situated west of the park. A unique feature of the High Park-Swansea is being the only Toronto neighbourhood with a pod, a river and a lake being parts of the boundaries.

Both High Park neighbourhoods are hilly and mainly residential with most of the residents being the middle class, and young families with school going children.

The houses include Tudor, Victorian, lofts, condominiums, apartments, semi-detached houses, bungalows and rental apartment buildings. Beautiful trees line up the streets, further adding to the beauty and calmness of the High Park neighbourhoods.
Painting High Park homes require an experienced contractor who understands the unique needs and tastes of the homeowners and their families. Home Painters Toronto is one of the well known and respected painting contractor, who have assisted most of the Swansea and High Park North home owners breathe new life into their homes.

Whether you want to paint your apartment interiors, carry out your condo kitchen remodelling, or any other makeover project, our highly skilled professionals will serve you to your satisfaction. We have delivered our superior services to all types of clients ranging from homes, to businesses and institutions.

High Park Painting Services we provide for you:


Exterior Painting


Our honest external painting covers all external surfaces of your home including those that you cannot reach. We prepare all the surfaces so as to allow for excellent adhesion of the paint to the wall. Our Home Painters Toronto skilled painting experts will scrape and strip old paint, do the sanding, patch and fill in holes, caulk joints and gaps, carry out washing and any repairs that may be required.

The color consultant will help you to determine the best colors to apply to specific sections of your house exteriors. These take into account features such as the stones, trim, stairs, deck, roof, garden, compound and fence and any design details of your home.

The painting exercise is carried out in details, ensuring that sharp and straight edges appear wherever different colors meet. Our high quality painting in High Park and Toronto neighborhoods provides you with one of the best finishes that make your home beautiful and admirable. The quality finish will also provide protection in addition to increasing the home’s net worth.  Our high Park home painting services cover the interiors as well. In fact, we have much more home improvement services covering renovations and remodeling of homes, kitchens, and bathrooms for both residential and commercial customers.

Home Painters painting and home improvement services include;


  • Commercial buildings painting
  • Exterior painting
  • Interior painting
  • Condo painting
  • Apartments painting
  • Painting of bungalows
  • Painting of townhouses
  • Kitchen Cabinet restoration
  • Painting kitchen and bathrooms cabinets
  • Wallpaper installation
  • Washroom renovation
  • Interior design
  • Color consultation
  • DryWall Installation
  • Exterior staining
  • Carpentry
  • Driveway painting
  • Fence painting
  • Swimming pool basin painting

Home Painters Toronto Area of Action in High Park-Swansea High Park North:


Our professional painting in High Park covers all buildings along South Kingsway, Bloor Street, and Morningside Avenue, along the High Park, Ravina Gardens, Rennie Park and Grenadier Pond. Also covered are The Queensway, Windemere Avenue, South Kingsway, Dunda Street West, Runnymede Road, Parkside Drive and Roncesvalles Avenue.

Home Painters Toronto has become a household name in the High Park neighbourhoods. Our high quality, honest, and friendly professional painting services have helped many home owners transform their homes and lives. This is largely due to our commitment to always do the best in addressing the unique needs of all our clients.

Irrespective of your house type, design or type of service required, our skilled professionals will be up to the task. We have been in the home improvement painting business for the last 25 years and have gained a lot of experience. In addition, our professionals are always upgrading their skills to equip themselves with the modern and efficient techniques. This has enabled Home Painters Toronto, to always provide high standard painting services at a friendly budget and on time.

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