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How To Add Curb Appeal To A House


How To Add Curb Appeal To A House

You spend all that time inside your home, making sure it’s just the way you like it, but what about the outside of your home too? Your entire home reflects you, not just the inside. If you are planning on selling, have distance relatives visiting, are new home owners or you are finally ready to take on that needed curb appeal project then read on for curb appeal ideas and projects!

1. Instant Curb Appeal 

Quick, efficient and perfect for the person always on the go! Here are some ideas to add instant curb appeal to let you continue with the rest of your day quickly and let everyone else take their time looking at your home!

  • Not just the mailman sees your house numbers and mailbox. If you take down your old house numbers and either paint or replace your mailbox you’ll have a quick update that’s easy on the eyes and the wallet. A little paint can go a long way, and if you recently painted the trim on your windows, or were planning on it – you can reuse the same paint and paint over your house numbers and mailbox for a perfect match!

Maintain your plants, shrubs, trees and flowers. A quick snip clear of stray branches and leaves will always be beneficial! Beneficial to the plants and for the overall tidiness of your home.

  • Accent decorations such as muskoka chairs, plant potters or even a hanging wreath on your door go a long way. If you already have these items, you can quickly rearrange them so they create symmetry. Doing this will be especially pleasing to the eye and create a neat and furnished curb appeal. Try arranging the plant potters on either side of your door or stairs and make sure they match.
  •  Add some solar lights! Both purposeful and energy efficient; solar lights are a  great way to light up the surrounding areas of your home, and it will light up the exterior of your home with instant curb appeal!

2. Curb Appeal Projects 

If you have the budget for it, are not in a rush and really want to maximize the appeal of your curb – you can try some of the following ideas and spruce up the exterior of your home!

  • You’ve got a privacy fence in the backyard and it outlines your yard perfectly for those days to relax outside at home. But have you ever glanced twice at the front privacy fence in your neighbourhood? This is something I absolutely love! The idea of providing that added sense of security and creating that beautiful charm all in one with adding a short privacy fence with a gate or an arbor is a great way for added curb appeal!
  •  Add fancy items that will be long lasting. You can replace your gutters, put in double doors into the front entrance of your home, replace your siding or just buy new benches!
  • Put in a pond, a fake well, or a big bird bath as an array of front yard art. Enhance the focus on something you take pride with through curb appeal. You can make it your own, and buy items necessary and as long as you can maintain them – these are excellent additions to your property to create curb appeal.
  • Some ideas that may take a little longer to complete but are totally worth it if curb appeal is your number 1 priority would be to reseal or repaint your driveway, update your front porch by either painting it or installing a new concrete path.

All of these ideas are great choices to use if you need to know how to add curb appeal to your house! Whether you have no time at all, or all the time in the world – you can pick the best curb appeal project for you and your home! But if you don’t have all the time in the world, or you just need more help with this, why don’t you call HPT? Call us NOW at 416-494-9095 or by [email protected] 

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